A Primary School Dictionary of the English Language, Explanatory, Pronouncing, and Synonymous: With an Appendix Containing Various Useful Tables

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J.B. Lippincott, 1871 - English language - 352 pages

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Page 331 - Meum et tuum. [L.] Mine and thine. Mirabile dictu. [L.] Wonderful to be told ; — visu, wonderful to be seen.
Page 260 - When the whole is put for a part, or a part for the whole ; a genus for a species, or a species for a genus...
Page 277 - A person to whose sole decision a controversy or question between parties is referred ; a third person called in to decide a question submitted to arbitrators, when the arbitrators do not agree in opinion.
Page 330 - Hfrculem, we recognize a Hercules from the size of the foot ; that is, we judge of the whole from the specimen : — post facto, after the deed is done.
Page 9 - Derivatives of words of this class ending in silent e, as also those formed from words ending in double e by adding a termination beginning with e, drop the final e -' as, hoe, hoed ; agree, agreed.
Page 329 - Cui bono ? [L.] For whose benefit? Colloquially, but erroneously, of what use? Cuisine. [Fr.] A kitchen ; cookery. Cum grano salis. [L.] With a grain of salt ; with, some allowance ; — privilegio, with privilege. Cúrrente cálamo. [L.] With a running or rapid pen. Gustos rotufarum. [L.] Keeper of the rolls. D.
Page 328 - Argumentum ad kominem. [L.] An argument deriving its force from the situation of the person to whom it is addressed.
Page 333 - Revenons d nos moulons. [Fr.] Let us return to our sheep; let us return to our subject.
Page 147 - Time a throne is vacant between the death of a king and the accession of his successor.
Page 327 - US United States. USA United States of America; United States Army. USM United States Mail. USN United States Navy.

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