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the prosperous survive

User Review  - grant ward - Borders

ony this book can advocate the intendities of a certain book; this book being, "runescape: the official handbook and strategy guide." this book didn't help me, but i'm sure it did help someone, hence ... Read full review

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Was outdated by quite a few years, but with the release of Old School Runescape (Runescape 2007 or OSRS), the material has once again become relevant. Keep in mind the book is aimed at new to medium experienced players.

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A completely outdated pile of crap. I simply cannot fathom who could possibly be so stupid to pay an albeit small amount of money for information that is at least three years out of date and which can be obtained in an up to date and free form from no fewer than three completely free online websites.  

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Excellent Book....

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not quite up to date... and it's riping off childeren

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From widgets to wikipedias, RuneScape is THE MOST popular MMORPG on the internet.
I have played RuneScape and enjoyed it, and spitefully picked up this book.
It was $23.00AUD, pretty darn expensive, and for not so great a book. It didn't give the best advice.
It did help me during the "noobier" parts of RuneScape, but if you want this book, you might want to change your mind.
-Robert, 11.

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Ok book but it should updated due to fact that there are many new rules in Runescape.

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Since 1995 Andrew and Alex Gower have done a great job. for now....

very good

User Review  - ruiner261 - Borders

This book was very good the only thing about it is the fact that it has no members sections in which i've been a member of runescape for two years. Read full review


User Review  - Richie - Borders

They should deffinatly make one for mebers too!!!I like how they really show u how to make money and get the highest exp possible. Read full review

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