North American Botany: Comprising the Native and Common Cultivated Plants, North of Mexico. Genera Arranged According to the Artificial and Natural Methods

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E. Gates, 1840 - Botany - 625 pages
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Page 4 - In the corymb the peduncles take their rise from different heights along the main stem; but the lower ones being longer they form nearly a level or convex top, as yarrow.
Page 512 - Ju. 21- ) pistillate receptacles radiated ; staminate ones peduncled, "peltate: fronds crowded together, lobed, nerved, and covered with small decussate veins. Pistillate peduncles very long : nerves of the frond generally brown. On earth and stones in wet or damp places.
Page 535 - The stamens follow the same laws of successive developement as leaves ; and, consequently, if their arrangement be normal, they will be either equal in number to the petals, and alternate with them, or, if more numerous, some regular multiple of the petals.
Page 555 - Mucedo ; in some of these the joints disarticulate, and appear to be capable of reproduction ; in others spornles collect in the terminal joints, and are finally dispersed by the rupture of the cellule that contained them. In a higher state of composition, Fungi are masses of cellular tissue of a determinate figure, the whole centre of which consists of sporules either lying naked among filaments, as in the Puff-balls, or contained in membranous tubes or sporidia, like the thecse of Lichens, as in...
Page 73 - Calyx closed, furrowed at base, shorter than the claws of the petals ; petals bent obliquely, linear - or obovate ; silique 4-sided, 2-edged or subterete ; seeds not margined ; stigmas forked, with the apices converging.
Page 555 - Leafless, flowerless plants, with no thallus or external sporuliferous disks, and growing in air. They are only distinguished from Lichens by their more fugitive nature, their more succulent texture, their want of thallus or expansion independent of the part that bears the reproductive matter, and by the latter being contained within their substance 22 ACOTYLEDOtCOUS.
Page 166 - M. >.) segments of the calyx lanceolate: leaves oblong or oval, gradually acuminate, somewhat rugose, smooth and green on both sides: branches straight, erect.
Page 615 - Ses'qui. This term prefixed to the Latin name of a measure, shows that such measure exceeds its due length by one half; thus sesqui-pedalis means a foot and a half. Sesquial'ter. When a large fertile floret is accompanied by a small abortive one.
Page 73 - Calyx closed, setose: silique torose, terete, not opening by valves, 1 or 2-celled: glands between the short stamens and pistil, ind between the long stamens and calyx.
Page 152 - ... viscous; their tubes longer than their divisions: teeth of the calyx short, oval, sub-rounded: stamens very much exsert. A variety, coccinea...

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