Manual for the Medical Department, United States Army

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1900

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Page 37 - The chief nurse will render efficiency reports of the nurses serving under her on the last day of March, June, September, and December of each year. A...
Page 111 - The others may also be sent back on condition of not again bearing arms during the continuance of the war. Evacuations, together with the persons under whose directions they take place, shall be protected by an absolute neutrality.
Page 112 - ART. VIII. The details of execution of the present convention shall be regulated by the commanders-in-chief of belligerent armies, according to the instructions of their respective governments, and in conformity with the general principles laid down in this convention.
Page 114 - Wounded or sick sailors and soldiers, when embarked, to whatever nation they may belong, su all be protected and taken care of by their captors. Their return to their own country is subject to the provisions of Article VI of the Convention, and of the additional Article V.
Page 39 - The nurse will certify that the account is correct and just; that the services were rendered as stated, and that the patient is not related to the nurse. The attending physician will certify that the services of a nurse were indispensable to the proper care of the patient; that the nurse was competent; that the services were rendered as claimed, and that the charges do not exceed those customary in the vicinity for competent nurses.
Page 111 - ... will be the consequence of it. Any wounded man entertained and taken care of in a house shall be considered as a protection thereto. Any inhabitant who shall have entertained wounded men in his house shall be exempted from the quartering of troops, as well as from a part of the contributions of war which may be imposed.
Page 10 - ... for making themselves familiar with the practice of the leading physicians and surgeons in this country, and of attending medical lectures, meetings of medical societies, etc. At the end of this tour of duty medical officers are required to make a detailed report to the Surgeon General, showing how much of their time has been occupied by their official duties, and to what extent they have availed themselves of the advantages offered for professional advancement.
Page 65 - During the prevalence of an epidemic, or when there is reason to believe that infectious material has been introduced from any source, latrines and cesspools may be treated with milk of lime in the proportion of 5 parts to 100 parts of the contents of the vault and the daily addition of 10 parts for 100 parts of daily increment of feces.
Page 12 - Army Regulations, so far as they relate to the Medical Department or to the medical officer as an officer of the Army...
Page 98 - ... .In passing a recruit the medical officer is to examine him stripped ; to see that he has free use of all his limbs ; that his chest is ample ; that his hearing, vision, and speech are perfect ; that he has no tumors, or ulcerated or extensively cicatrized legs ; no rupture or chronic cutaneous affection ; that he has not received any contusion, or wound of the head, that may impair his faculties ; that he is not a drunkard ; is not subject to convulsions ; and has no infectious disorder, nor...

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