The Miles Morgan Family of Springfield, Massachusetts: In the Line of Joseph Morgan of Hartford, Connecticut, 1780-1847

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1904 - 144 pages
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Page 16 - Springfeild, intending to destroy it ; so yt ye 5th of Oct. wth about 200 of or soldiers, I marched down to Springfeild where we found all in flames, about 30 dwelling houses burnt downe, & 24 or 25 Barnes, my Corn Mille, Sawmill & other Buildings. Generally, men's hay & corne is Burnt, & many men, whose houses stand, had their goods burnt in other houses wch they had caryed ym too : Leiffc.
Page 22 - Goods, Chattels & Credits which shall be found remaining upon the said Administrators Accts.
Page 19 - Springfield, and overtook the Indians with the captives, who as soon as they saw the English, killed the 2 children and sorely wounded the women in the heads with their hatchets, and so ran away into a swamp where they could not follow them. The scouts brought back both the women and the children. One of the women remains still senseless by reason of her wounds and the other is very sensible and rational.
Page 22 - November next ensuing, and the same goods, chattels, and credits, and all other the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death, which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the said JHS, or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons...
Page 17 - Releifc in this Towne, because so many are destitute. But I resolve to attend what God calls me to, & to stick to it as long as I can, & though I have such gr' loss of my comforts, yet to doe what I can for defending ye Place.
Page 18 - In 1675, Springfield was attacked by the Indians, who burnt a considerable part of the town. A few fortified houses only, in which the people were mostly collected, escaped the conflagration. In Morgan's house a number of people had taken refuge. A party of Indians attacked the house, but their fire was returned with such spirit and success by those within, several of whom were keen marksmen, that the assailants found it dangerous to appear in sight of the windows and loopholes, and after some hours...
Page 16 - Russel to give you an acel of ye sore stroake upon Pore distressed Springfeild, -wch I hope will excuse my late doeing of it. On ye 4th of Oct. or soldiers wch were at Springfeild, I had called all off, leaving none to secure ye Towne, ye comissioners order was so strict.
Page 15 - Corne, so y' he [have] none to live on, as well as myself, & Many more: y' haue not for subsistance they tell me: 32 houses & y...
Page 13 - Bay path" is mentioned in the town records. In 1669, Miles Morgan and Jonathan Burt were stationed "up in ye gallery to give a check to disorders in youth & young men In tyme of God's worship.
Page 17 - Providences diverting vs in al! or hopcfull designes : & ye Ld giving opportunity to ye Enymy to doe vs mischeife & then hiding of ym And answering all or Prayers by Terrible things in righteousness Sr I am not Capable of holding any Comand, being more & more vnfit & almost Confounded in my vnderstanding : the Ld direct yo...

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