The Popular Science Monthly, Volume 92

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McClure, Phillips and Company, 1918 - Science
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Page 1036 - America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.
Page 446 - ... and it will be necessary to ventilate during the early morning by slightly raising the sash on the opposite side from the wind. Care should be taken in ventilating to protect the plants from a draft of cold air. Toward evening the sash should be closed in order that the bed may become sufficiently warm before nightfall. Hotbeds should be watered on bright days and in the morning only. Watering in the evening or on cloudy days will have a tendency to chill the bed and increase the danger from...
Page 150 - The voltage of a number of cells in series is equal to the voltage of one cell multiplied by the number of cells. The voltage obtainable from any cell is independent of its size or of the distance apart of the plates.
Page 446 - As a rule, hotbed sash can be purchased cheaper than they can be made locally, and are on sale by seedsmen and dealers in garden supplies. In the colder parts of the country, in addition to glazed sash either board shutters, straw mats, burlap, or old carpet will be required as a covering during cold nights. It is also desirable to have a supply of straw or loose manure on hand to throw over the bed in case of extremely cold weather. During bright days the hotbed will heat very quickly from the sunshine...
Page 446 - At first the temperature of the bed will run quite high, but no seeds should be planted until the soil temperature falls to 80 F., which will be in about three days. Hotbeds having more or less permanence may be so constructed as to be heated either with fermenting manure, a stove, a brick flue, or by means of radiating pipes supplied with steam or hot water from a dwelling or other heating plant. For a permanent bed in which fermenting manure is to supply the heat, a pit 24 to 30 inches in depth...
Page 446 - For a permanent bed in which fermenting manure is to supply the heat, a pit 24 to 30 inches in depth should be provided. The sides and ends of the pit may be supported by brick walls or by a lining of 2-inch plank held in place by stakes. Standard hotbed sash are 3 by 6 feet in size, and are usually constructed of white pine or cypress.
Page 535 - ... seem to disregard the sign that has been thrust upon them, but whenever a queen enters the wrong hive, she soon " realizes " that she wears the wrong badge. Worker bees returning to the hives from the field pass the guards unmolested, because they carry the proper sign, although the hive odor that they carry is fainter than when they left the hive, and it is also partially masked by the odors from the nectar and pollen carried by these bees.
Page 1032 - Indeed, the days of exorbitant watch prices have passed. You don't pay a cent to anybody until you see the watch. You don't buy a Burlington Watch without seeing it. Look at the splendid beauty of the watch itself. Thin model, handsomely shaped — aristocratic in every line. Then look at the works! There you will see the masterpiece of the watch, maker's skilL A perfect timepiece adjusted to positions, temperature and isochronism.

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