A Complete Latin Grammar

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American Book Company, 1898 - Latin language - 448 pages
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Page 379 - This is the forest primeval; but where are the hearts that beneath it Leaped like the roe, when he hears in the woodland the voice of the huntsman?
Page iii - ... and explain them. 2. Designed at once as a text-book for the class-room, and a book of reference in study, it aims to introduce the beginner easily and pleasantly to the first principles of the language, and yet to make adequate provision for the wants of the more advanced student.
Page 376 - A line consisting of one foot is called manometer ; of two, dimeter ; of three, trimeter ; of four, tetrameter ; of five, pentameter; of six, hexameter; of seven, heptameter.
Page 81 - PERFECT. 1. fuerim, / may have been. fueris, thou mayst have been. fuerit, he may have been. fuerimus, we may have been. fueritis, you may have been. fuerint, they may have been.
Page 195 - DURATION OF TIME and EXTENT OF SPACE are expressed by the Accusative : Romulus septem et triginta regnavit annos, Romulus reigned thirtyseven YEARS.
Page iii - By brevity and conciseness in the choice of phraseology and compactness in the arrangement of forms and topics, the author has endeavored to compress within the limits of a convenient manual an amount of carefully. selected grammatical facts, which would otherwise fill a much larger volume. 4. He has, moreover, endeavored to present the whole subject in the light of modern scholarship. Without encumbering...
Page 204 - DATIVE WITH COMPOUNDS. — The Dative is used with many verbs compounded with — ad, ante, con, de, in, inter, ob, post, prae, pro, sub, super: Adsum amicls, I am present WITH MY FRIENDS.
Page 95 - Perf. audlvisae, to have heard. Fut. auditurus esse, to be about to hear. GERUND. Gen. audiendi, of hearing, Dat. audiendo, for hearing, Ace. audiendum, hearing, Abl. audiendo, by hearing.
Page 108 - Perf. amaturus ful, / have been (was) about to love. Plup. amaturus fueram, / had been about to love. SUBJUNCTIVE. Pres. amaturus sim, / may be about to love.
Page 108 - I should hai'e been about to love. Infinitive Pres. amaturus esse, to be about to love. Perf. amaturus fuisse, to have been about to love.

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