The Peerage of Ireland: Or, A Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of that Kingdom, Volume 2

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Page 354 - Henry should have three-fourths of what he leaves ; and my daughter Anne the rest. If Henry die, I would that what he leaves may be equally divided between Charles and Anne : and if Anne die, that her share be equally divided between Charles and Henry.
Page 355 - I die in the profession of that faith and in the practice of such worship as I find established by the law of my country, not being able to believe what I myself please, nor to worship God better than by doing as I would be done unto, and observing the laws of my country, and expressing my love and honour to Almighty God by such signs and tokens as are understood to be such by the people with whom I live, God knowing my heart even without any at all.
Page 352 - I had bred, with about 10/. more than I had carried out of England. With this 70/., and my endeavours, in less than four years more I obtained my degree of MD in Oxford...
Page 355 - God by such signs and tokens as are understood to be such by the people with whom I live, God knowing my heart, even without any at all ; and thus begging the Divine...
Page 30 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Page 178 - June following he was created a peer of Great Britain, by the title of Viscount Whitworth, of Adbaston, in the county of Stafford ; and in August succeeded the Duke of Richmond as viceroy of Ireland.
Page 355 - do hereby conjure all who partake of my eftate, from time " to time to do the fame at their peril. Neverthelefs, to " anfwer cuftom, and to take the fure fide, I give twenty " pounds to the moft wanting of the parifh wherein I die.
Page 353 - ... in -Lothbury, which was for the most part destroyed by the dreadful fire, anno 1666. Afterwards, anno 1667, I married Elizabeth, the relict of Sir Maurice Fenton, Bart. I...
Page 352 - Geometry and Astronomy conducing to Navigation, Dialling, &c. with the knowledge of several mathematical trades, all which, and having been at the university of...
Page 352 - In the first place I declare and affirm, that at the full age of fifteen years I had obtained the Latin, Greek, and French tongues, the whole body of common arithmetic, the...

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