Altenglische sprachproben nebst einem wörterbuch: bd. Wörterbuch: 1.-13. lief. A-Misbileven. 2. v. and 4 pt. 1878-1900

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Wiedmann, 1885 - English language
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Page 195 - Of which ful blythe and glad was every wight; And telle he moste his tale, as was resoun, By forward and by composicioun, As ye han herd; what nedeth wordes mo?
Page 224 - Any, in the whiche were a 1000 Chirches. But upon that Montayne, to gon up, this Monk had gret desir; and so upon a day, he wente up : and whan he was upward the 3 part of the Montayne, he was so wery, that he myghte no ferthere, and so he rested him, and felle o slepe ; and whan he awook, he fonde him self liggynge at the foot of the Montayne.
Page 227 - Cristes curs mot he have that clepeth me gadelyng ! I am no worse gadelyng, ne no worse wight, But born of a lady, and geten of a knight.
Page 224 - And men may well preven be experience and sotyle compassement of wytt, that zif a man fond passages be schippes, that wolde go to serchen the world, MEN MYGHTE GO BE SCHIPPE ALLE ABOUTE THE WORLD, and aboven and benethen. The whiche thing I prove thus, aftre that I have seyn. For I have ben toward the parties of Braban, and beholden the astrolabre, that the sterre that is clept the Transmontayne, is 53 degrees highe.
Page 32 - And right anoon, ministres of that toun Han hent the carter, and so sore him pyned, And eek the hostiler so sore engyned, That thay biknewe hir wikkednesse anoon, And were an-hanged by the nekke-boon.
Page 245 - Gret was the prees, that swarmed to and fro To gauren on this hors that stondeth so : For it so high was, and so brod and long, So wel proportioned for to be strong, Right as it were a stede of...
Page 237 - Kyng getethe fully many Children ; sum tyme an 100, sum tyme an 200, and sum tyme mo. And he hathe also into a 14000 Olifauntz or mo, that he makethe for to ben brought up amonges his Vileynes, be alle his Townes. For in cas that he had ony Werre azenst...
Page 261 - VII. In his schip was that day, Al maner of gle ; And al maner of lay, In lond that might be : To the Quen tho, seyd thay, Morauntes soster the fre, Y wounded swiche a man lay, That sorwe it was to se, And care ; — " A miri man were he, Yif he oliue ware.
Page 270 - His berd as ony sowe or fox was reed, And therto brood, as though it were a spade. Upon the cop right of his nose he hade A werte, and theron stood a tuft of heres, Reede as the berstles of a souwes eeres.
Page 200 - Lord, I were at ese / and hertely full hoylle, Might I onys haue a measse / of wedows coyll...

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