Report of the Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Master-Car Builders' Association, Volume 35

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Page 21 - At each annual meeting the president shall appoint a committee of five whose duty it shall be to report at the next annual meeting subjects for investigation and discussion, and if the subjects are approved by the Association, the president shall appoint special committees to report on them.
Page 508 - When an axle is tested it must be so placed in the machine that the tup will strike it midway between the ends, and it must be turned over after the first and third blows, and when required after the fifth blow. After the first blow the deflection of the axle under test will be measured in the manner specified below. 6. It is desired that the axles when tested as specified above shall stand the number of blows at the heights specified in the following table without rupture, and without exceeding,...
Page 538 - Even on moderate grades, it is best to do this, and then, after release, to apply brakes lightly, to prevent the train starting, so that when ready to start, the release will take place quickly. This does not apply to freight trains, upon which the brakes must not be released until the train has stopped. Emergency Applications. — The emergency application of the brakes must not be used, except in actual emergencies.
Page 22 - The by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of members present providing a copy of such amendment has been sent to all members at least 30 days prior to the meeting.
Page 545 - ... when cars are so equipped. Responsibility of Inspectors — Inspectors will be held strictly responsible for the good condition of all the brake and signal apparatus upon cars placed in trains at their stations; they will also make any examination of brake apparatus or repairs to the same, which they may be called upon to do by trainmen. , GENERAL QUESTIONS Regarding the use of the AIR BRAKE AND TRAIN SIGNAL.
Page 510 - ... physical test will be regarded as accepted. The inspector will proceed to load and ship from the accepted axles as many as may be required to fill the order. If, as the result of inspection and the physical and chemical tests, more axles are accepted than the order calls for, such accepted axles in excess will be stamped by the inspector with his own name, and will then be piled and allowed to remain at the works, subject to further orders from the purchasing agent. On receipt of further orders,...
Page 545 - ADJUSTMENT OF BRAKES. — The slack of the brake shoes must be taken up by means of the dead truck levers. In taking up such slack, it must be first ascertained that the hand brakes are off, and the slack is all taken out of the upper connections, so that the...
Page 437 - If new wheels and axles are substituted for secondhand wheels and axles, proper charges and credits shall be allowed, although such substitution be made on account of only one loose or defective wheel, or a defective axle, with the following exceptions: In case the owner of a car removes a damaged wheel or axle, no charge shall be made for any difference in value between the parts used and those removed that are not damaged.
Page 366 - If the weight of a car is found to vary more than 500 pounds from the light weight stenciled on the car, a railroad company having the car in its possession may weigh and restencil the car, making a charge for each car weighed and so reported. The railroad company making the bill shall notify the owner, giving the date and point at which the reweighing was done.
Page 544 - The main reservoir, and also the drain cup in the train pipe under the tender must be drained of any accumulation after each trip. The auxiliary reservoirs and triple valves must also be drained frequently, and daily in cold weather, and the train pipe under the engine and tender blown out.

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