Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Second, 第 10 卷

H. Colburn, 1847
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第 91 頁 - other Preceptor was Hayter, Bishop of Norwich, a sensible, well-bred man, natural son of Blackbourn, the jolly old Archbishop of York, who had all the manners of a man of quality, though he had been a Buccaneer and was a Clergyman; but he retained nothing of his first profession except his seraglio. Lord
第 391 頁 - if, ye powers divine, Ye mark the movements of this nether world, And bring them to account; crush, crush these vipers, Who, singled out by a community To guard their rights, shall, for a grasp of ore, Or paltry office, sell them to the foe.
第 297 頁 - Vernon. Then for the truth and plainness of the case, I pluck this pale and maiden blossom here, Giving my verdict on the white rose
第 399 頁 - the instructions to Sir Danvers Osborn, a new Governor of New York, seemed better calculated for the latitude of Mexico and for a Spanish tribunal, than for a free rich British Settlement, and in such opulence and of such haughtiness, that suspicions had long
第 287 頁 - is as capricious as Fortune : wrongs, oppression, the zeal of real patriots, or the genius of false ones, may sometimes be employed for years in kindling substantial opposition to authority; in other seasons, the impulse of a moment, a ballad, a nickname, a fashion can throw a city into a tumult, and shake the foundations of a state.
第 306 頁 - That to have a Scotchman of a most disaffected family, and allied in the nearest manner to the Pretender's First Minister, consulted on the education of the Prince of Wales, and entrusted with the most important secrets of Government, must tend to alarm and disgust the friends of the present
第 435 頁 - Que m'importe que l'Europe Ait un ou plusieurs tyrans? Prions seulement Calliope Qu'elle inspire nos vers, nos chants. Laissons Mars et toute la gloire, Livrons nous tous à l'amour; Que Bacchus nous donne à boire; A ces deux faisons la cour.
第 434 頁 - Quand le chagrin me dévore, Vite à table je me mets, Loin des objets que j'abhorre, Avec joie j'y trouve la paix. Peu d'amis, restes d'un naufrage, Je rassemble autour de moi, Et je me ris de l'étalage Qu'a chez lui toujours un Roi.
第 168 頁 - influence in Cabinets, where he would have us believe he was despised, and acknowledges that he exercised a dominion nearly absolute over that House of Parliament, which, he would persuade his readers, laughed at him. The truth is, that wherever that great magistrate is mentioned, Lord Orford's resentments blind his judgment, and disfigure his narrative.—E.