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Dear Google Books,
This listing is incorrect.
The Library of Congress vets only three editions of Witness by Whittaker Chambers:
1. 1952 first edition by Random House
2. 1984 second edition by Regnery
3. 1997 third edition by Regnery
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If you are trying to understand the point where religion meets politics, this is the book. Chambers became a Communist in his early 20s and worked for the Communist underground until Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler. It was during this time that he realized that Communism was a farce; that is was plain fascism under a different flag. He set out to tear apart the underground apparatus in the U.S. by outing some of his former contacts in the Comintern. The most famous of these was Alger Hiss, a high ranking advisor in the State Department.
More than the courtroom drama, though, is the transformation of a man's heart from one who believes that Man is greater without God than with him. It began when he watched his daughter eating breakfast. He looked at her ear and marveled at its design and thought 'this couldn't happen by accident'. The seeds were sown for a belief in a higher power and he was forced to admit that Communism was the greatest evil in the world.
This is the best non-fiction book I've ever read and possibly the best written.

Review: Witness

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Remarkable. The introduction is an exquisite exposition of the moral, political, and spiritual struggle of the thoughtful, idealistic, earnest man. Read full review

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