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I am sorry to say that your belief that an Errand Girl could not be over 5” in height is erroneous. I have a 6” tall Errand Girl measured from the bottom of the square base to the top of her head. There is no damage to this one. The bottom of the base shows a “bumble bee” inside a “V”. It also has 73/0, the number 97, and a hand written “w” in front of a type set “Germany”. I have not been able to find this in any catalogs.
I also have the original printed piece that was tucked inside the Hummel that is printed as follows:
M.J.Hummel (hard to read since it looks like Hummnl) then it reads in large letters “Errand Girl” but the first set of quotes is on the bottom. At the bottom of this small piece of paper it “sole manufacturer: W. Goebel, Germany. Inside this folded paper some one has written “Little Helper” (in book).
Any idea as to the value of this one?

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An absolute essential tool for the Hummel collector. Very descriptive with great photos to help assist everyone from the novice to serious Hummel figurine lover.

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