Reliquiae divi Andreae, or The state of the venerable and primitial see of St Andrews, by a true sone of the Church (G. Martine).

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Page 16 - toyle " and hazard they fell into the Germane ocean, where they were " long toft with grievous tempefts, till, at laft, by force of a " ftorme the fhip was driven into the bay, near the place " where St. Andrews now ftands, and there fplit afunder on ** the rocks ; but Regulus and his companie were all brought 0 fefe to Ihoare, having nothing left them but the relicks, which " they were careful above all things to preferve.
Page 16 - Constantinople), to go to the shrine in which the relics were kept, and to takeout thereof the arm-bone, three fingers of the right hand, a tooth, and one of the lids of the Apostle's knees, which he should carefully preserve, and carry with him to a region towards the west, situated in the utmost parts of the world.
Page 251 - ... and it is said, he bade them be ready at the ringing of the bell ; and that within two or three hours he appeared in public, discoursed upon the theame de fcetu ab&rtivo, conferring the degrees himself, and so broke up the universitie for that year.
Page 188 - Eafter, whereunto reforted merchants from " moft of the then trading kingdoms in Europe, trade in this " kingdome being then in its infancie f .
Page 251 - Universitie and students against his principles, and to fence them from being tinged with his seditious and turbulent way ; and many a hote bickering there was betwixt them thereupon
Page 45 - ... sacred if from both; and superstitiously adorned with little black crosses. For the form thereof; the breadth exceeded not three fingers, one of our bachelours lambskin hoods in Cambridge would make three of them, having two labells hanging down before and behind, which the archbishops onely, when going to the altar, put about their necks, above their other pontificall ornaments. Three mysteries were couched therein. First, Humility.. which beautifies the clergy above all their costly copes....
Page 218 - Divi Andreae ; or the state of the venerable and primitial see of St. Andrews ; containing an account of the rise, dignities, privileges, etc., of this ancient see, etc.
Page 187 - was furnished with many fair, great, and excellent bells, which, at the razing of the church, were taken down, and put aboard of a ship to be transported and sold.
Page 24 - ... side} so it may be that the sea of old came not so much up to our east coast as it now doth. And I have heard it credibly reported, that of old the heritors of Kinkell claimed, and pretended to a privilege of watering all the bestial on their ground at the Swilcanth burn, which runs at the west end of St Andrews; and for that effect, that they might bring all their goods to that burn, upon the north side of the castle of St Andrews.
Page 3 - I have discoursed with, and found to have reason and discretion. One of them told me there were not now twelve of them in the whole isle ; but he remembered when they abounded so as at one time he was one of five that usuallie met at St. Andrews. Marlines

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