Albrecht Dürer: Essential

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Mar 8, 2013 - Philosophy - 88 pages
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This Art Book contains annotated reproductions of Albrecht Dürer's paintings,engravings and drawings. Albrecht Dürer was undoubtedly the most significant painter and engraver of the Northern Renaissance. Living in Nuremberg, equidistant city between Netherlands and Italy, he found inspiration in the two most important centers of art at his time. But instead of simply imitating what the others painters do, Dürer goes own way of discoverer. For example, he was the first artist who painted a self-portrait and the first who make of landscape painting an independent picture. Although Dürer lived five hundred years ago, today we are happy that many of his works have survived. While he was alive, Dürer has published several hundred engravings on which are appeared his initials. At least sixty of his paintings have also survived, and a few other which led art historians dispute whether they are from him. It is impossible today to know how many of his works are lost, but those that have survived, give us a relatively complete view of the range of his work. Dürer as rule spent much of his time as a printmaker and often complained that working in oils was time-consuming and badly paid. Finally, there are a thousand of his drawings and watercolors. The range and variety of his work is just amazing. His woodcarvings and engravings made him great and famous all over Europe, and he is commonly considered the best master in this area. As a painter, Dürer has the equal success as in the paintings of religious topics, also in those with secular topics. He painted portraits as well as altars. His drawings and watercolors even today strike us with a variety of techniques and were painted with an almost phenomenal precision. To summarize in just few words - Dürer is one of the most prominent figures for the development of the whole European art.

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