Parker's Second Reader National Series of Selections for Reading, Designed for the Younger Classes in Schools, Academies, & C

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General Books LLC, 2010 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 78 pages
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Excerpt: ...having succeeded in its capture. 10. Again she applied herself to her books; but study was not so easy now as it would have been a little earlier. Anna was too tired to apply her mind to her lessons; and after loitering a while over her desk, she threw herself on the sofa, and fell into a sound sleep, from which she was only awakened by a summons to dinner. 11. After dinner, Betty proposed taking her out to walk; and though conscious that she had not performed half her duties, she had not resolution enough to refuse to go. Tying on her bonnet, she took a little Pg 105 basket on her arm, and set out with Betty to gather wild-flowers. 12. When they reached the woods, Betty sought out a mossy seat under an old tree, and, taking her work from her pocket, began to sew as industriously as if she had been at home. 13. "O Betty!" exclaimed Anna, "how can you sit and sew, when there are so many pleasant sights and sounds around you?" 14. "I can hear the pleasant sounds, my child, without looking round to see where they come from," replied Betty; "and as for the pretty sights, though I can enjoy them as much as any one, I cannot neglect my work for them. 15. "I promised your mother to have these shirts finished when she came home, and I mean to do so."

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