Flotsam: The Study of a Life

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Longmans, Green, 1896 - 350 pages

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Page 122 - There are some who would fain wipe the year 1857 out of the British calendar. A year truly of woe and distress and unspeakable horror ; a year standing out prominently in great red letters so long as the world shall remember the English race. But we who now look back, standing as it were farther down the avenue of time, to those days receding fast into the perspective of history, can scarcely fail to recognise that the Indian Mutiny is a corner-stone of our race.
Page 38 - And God in the hollow of His hand had the Crimea and the Indian Mutiny for England. The new uniform duly followed, and Harry went away to his duties at Colchester, regretting that Miriam should not have seen him in his brave red coat and gold braid. The girl was at school at Brighton in...
Page 31 - ... Helen's Place on these occasions, knowing full well that Miriam would be at the window. The zest of making his place in the new world was, however, as we have seen, a short-lived pleasure. At 'the end of two terms the boy's active mind began to look farther afield for an opportunity of distinction. He was never the boy to mope in the corner of the playground with a book, but he drank in greedily enough at second hand the tales of adventure and daring.
Page 176 - It was known that more reliable news was filtering out of the stronghold of the mutineers — news of confusion and strife within the walls — of failing spirit and internal differences among the leaders of the Mutiny. These voices were vague and indefinite, but with one accord they seemed to whisper that the interior of Delhi and all that was passing there were no longer closed pages to the British leaders. And suddenly men began to whisper to each other, as they looked across the valley towards...
Page 144 - Ah — yes," cried Harry, with his light laugh. "But how?" Lamond shrugged his facile shoulders. "Goodness knows, something may turn up," he replied. "At all events the niggers will have to pay someone for all this." With which sentiment Harry agreed readily enough. For at this time it was the fashion among the men, and even with certain of the officers, to nourish a cruel and unjust hatred against any man with a black face.
Page 92 - VVylam, who had breathed a prayer over his virgin sword that England might have many wars, set sail for India. Strange passions — national passions, which compare with the rage of a man as a thunderstorm compares to a sneeze — were bestirring themselves in the hearts of people hitherto peaceful.
Page 45 - Well, my boy, glad to see you/' he said, laying aside his pen. "Five minutes later and you would have missed me. What can I do for you?" Mr. Gresham belonged to the old school of business men, whose business was almost religion, and their office sacred to it. "I want to marry Mim!" said Harry bluntly, when the clerk had closed the door behind him. "Come and tell me that two years hence, Harry, and we'll talk it over,
Page 90 - ... had set in. It is not, of course, to be concluded that the one was the natural consequence of the other, although any practice tending to lower the manhood of Europeans in India cannot be too strictly avoided. Sir Thomas Leaguer belonged to the old school of Anglo-Indian, in so much as he held to the doctrine that the line of racial demarcation can hardly be drawn too firmly.
Page 181 - ... there are forty pandies in a house down this alley — men from Cawnpore, Harry — come on! They are Cawnpore men! — Cawnpore!" Harry followed — forgetting his surprise in the mad infection of battle. Marqueray's voice, usually so quiet, had something in it that moved Harry to fierce joy. Here was one who loved fighting as he loved it — whose quiet blood was stirred to a fury as wild as his own.

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