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I have been a scroller for a few years, but was "anxious" about trying intarsia. Everything I found, either in books or online, didn't give me much detail, and definately didn't give me the photos to go along with what I SHOULD be doing at the time. I "bit-the-bullet" and bought Kathy Wise's book (online, because I don't live anywhere near a bookstore or woodworking store). I studied the book from cover to cover (because I plan things to death before trying anything), and then tackled the first project. WOW!! I achieved the goldfish project very quickly, and also found out that I need more tools/supplies (which just breaks my heart to buy.....NOT). Knowing myself, I will probably make quite a few of the 1st project (the goldfish) before moving on, but that's just me. I could easily go on to the next step (project), because the instructions are so precise, but being as I am "obsessive" (I prefer "detail-oriented" but nobody will use that term besides me) I think I want to make an even better one (even though my daughter REALLY, REALLY wants me to make her a school of fish just like it). All self-deprecation aside, Kathy's way of walking you through the steps makes it easy, and this book even gives you tips and exercises on simple scrolling techniques that will help, no matter what you make. I can't wait to "graduate" to her next book. 

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