The Works of Gabriel Harvey: For the First Time Collected and Edited, with Memorial-introduction, Notes and Illustrations, Etc, Volume 2

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private circulation only, 1884
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Page 16 - Championefle in this quarrel, is meeter by nature, and fitter by nurture, to be an enchaunting Angell, with her white quill, then a tormenting Fury with her blacke inke.
Page 215 - Lucianicall breath, & difcoouer the minion Secretarie aloofe. Faith, quoth himfelfe, thou wilt be caught by thy ftile : Indeede what more eafie, then to finde the man by his humour, the Midas by his eares, the Calfe by his tongue, the goofe by his quill, the Play-maker by his ftile, the hatchet by the Pap?
Page 102 - Live ever sweete booke; the simple image of his gentle witt, and the golden-pillar of his noble courage; and ever notify unto the world that thy writer was the secretary of eloquence, the breath of the muses, the honey-bee of the daintyest flowers of witt and arte, the pith of morale and intellectual virtues, the arme of Bellona in the field, the tonge of Suada in the chamber, the sprite of Practise in esse, and the paragon of excellency in print.
Page 313 - Foxe betweene ieft, and earneft : (it was at the funerall of the honorable Sir Thomas Smith, where he preached, and where it pleafed my Lady Smith, and the coexecutours to beftow certaine rare manufcript bookes...
Page 216 - Vs phrafes, are too-well knowen, to go vnknowen. Where the Veine of Braggadocio is famous, the arterie of Pappadocio cannot be obfcure. Gentlemen, I...
Page 48 - It is neyther reason, nor rime, nor witt, nor arte, nor any imitation, that hee regardeth: hee hath builded towers of Superarrogation in his owne head, and they must stand, whosoeuer fall.
Page 215 - Racellus, Luscus, Cincius, and that whole Italian crew of merry Secretaryes in the time of Pope Martin the fift, of whom our worshipfull Clarkes of the whetstone, Doctour Clare, Doctour Bourne, M.
Page 126 - Tide discouereth the wifedome of the young-man : as an olde Fox not long fince bewrayed himfelfe by a flap of his taile ; and a Lion, they fay, is foone defcried by his pawe ; a Cocke by his combe ; a Goat by his bearde ; an Afle by his eare; a wife-man by his tale ; an artift by his tearmes.
Page 110 - ... never perfectly healeth, unleffe the rootes and all be utterly extirped, and the flefhe regenerate. But the foundeft principle is, prineipiis objla ; and it goeth beft with them that never knewe what a canker or leper meant. I ftill hoped for fome graffes of better fruite; but this grand confuter of my letters and all honeftie ftill proceedeth from worfe to worfe, from the wilding-tree to the withie, from the dogge to the goate, from the catt to the fwine, from Primerofe hill to Colman hedge;...
Page 51 - Arte may giue 35 out precepts and directoryes in comniuni forma ; but it is superexcellent witt that is the mother pearle of precious Inuention, and the goulden mine of gorgeous Elocution. Na, it is a certaine pregnant and liuely thing without name, but a queint mistery of mounting conceit, as it were a knacke of dexterity, or the nippitaty of the nappiest...

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