The True History of the Conquest of Mexico, Volume 1

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by Joshua Cushing, for Cushing & Appleton, 1803 - Mexico

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Page 201 - I forgot, and no wonder, to mention in its place, and that is, that during the time Montezuma was at dinner, two very beautiful women were busily employed making small cakes with eggs and other things mixed therein. These were delicately white, and when made they presented them to him on plates covered with napkins. Also another kind of bread was brought to him in long loaves, and plates of cakes resembling wafers.
Page 206 - The articles consisted of gold, silver, jewels, feathers, mantles, chocolate, skins dressed and undressed, sandals, and other manufactures of the roots and fibres of nequen, and great numbers of male and female slaves, some of whom were fastened by the neck, in collars, to long poles. The meat market was stocked with fowls, game, and dogs. Vegetables, fruits, articles of food ready dressed, salt, bread, honey, and sweet pastry made in various ways, were also sold here. Other places in the square...
Page 329 - ... by great plumes of feathers, golden ornaments, richly wrought arms, and devices. "Then to hear the valiant Sandoval how he encouraged us, crying out, 'Now, gentlemen, is the day of victory ; put your trust in God ; we shall survive, for He preserves us for some good purpose.
Page 195 - ... Spaniards were surprised and delighted with the princely generosity with which he supplied their wants. Next day, Cortes paid a visit to Montezuma in his palace, attended by some of his principal officers. In the conversation which ensued, Cortes broached the topic of religion, and informed Montezuma "that we were all brothers, the children of Adam and Eve, and that as such, our emperor, lamenting the loss of souls in such numbers as those which were brought by the Mexican idols into everlasting...
Page 206 - When we arrived there, we were astonished at the crowds of people, and the regularity which prevailed, as well as at the vast quantities of merchandise, which those who attended us were assiduous in pointing out. Each kind had its particular place of sale, which was distinguished by a sign.
Page 187 - ... we could compare it to nothing but the enchanted scenes we had read of in Amadis of Gaul, from the great towers and temples and other edifices of lime and stone which seemed to rise out of the water.
Page v - ... who were killed in the different battles, His account was utterly unworthy of belief. We never much exceeded four hundred men, and if we had found fuch numbers bound hand and foot, we could not have put them to death. But the fact was, we had enough to do to protect...
Page 52 - Cort6s then ordered them to be prostrated, which we immediately did, rolling them down some steps. He next sent for lime, of which there was abundance in the place, and Indian masons, by whom under our direction a very handsome altar was constructed, whereon we placed an image of the Holy Virgin; and the carpenters having made a crucifix, which was erected in a small chapel close to the altar, mass was said by the Reverend Father Juan Diaz, and listened to by the priests, chiefs, and the rest of...
Page 208 - Cortes, expressed his apprehension that he was fatigued; to which Cortes replied, that fatigue was unknown to us. Montezuma then took him by the hand, and pointed out to him the different parts of the city, and its vicinity, all of which were commanded from that place.
Page 187 - After having contemplated these noble edifices we walked through the gardens, which were admirable to behold from the variety of beautiful and aromatic plants, and the .numerous alleys filled with fruit trees, roses, and various flowers. Here was...

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