Wulnoth the Wanderer: A Story of King Alfred of England

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A.C. McClurg & Company, 1908 - 315 pages
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Page 57 - The stones will not remain at the top, and if they did they are no use there," but to that Osth only grunted, and said he that would succeed must labor. " It shall not be my fault if I do not succeed," thought Wulnoth, and he set to work again, and rolled the stones all day long though he could not see any use in it, until one day the giant said to him — " Seest thou yon oak tree, Wulnoth? Canst pull off a branch at one wrench?
Page 58 - Rolling stones. Each stone added a little, and each little joined the rest, until thou canst do this. Thou must learn another lesson now." So Osth set him to leap the precipices and to descend from point to point, until he was as surefooted as the goat, and then one day he bade him strip and wrestle.
Page 57 - Wyborga promised that each new moon he should come and see them in the cave. So Wulnoth consented and went away with Osth into the high mountain, along the goats' road, which is hard to climb and weary to walk.
Page 59 - ... wield a club in either hand, and shatter a rock with every blow; and after each task in which he succeeded the giant laughed and grunted, and said that it was well.
Page 58 - Canst wrestle with yonder honey-finder, Wulnoth?" "Nay," said Wulnoth. "Neither can any man." But Osth answered,
Page 92 - Then slowly and steadily he pulled, and the muscles of his arms and back stood out like ropes, and he thought within himself that his work with Osth was bearing fruit now.
Page 56 - I am Osth the berserker and the giant," — and truly he was a gigantic man, — " and Wyborga the Wise has bidden me to teach thee if thou wilt be taught ; but the time will be long and the work hard, for he who would gain experience must gain it at hard cost, and he who would conquer others must conquer self.
Page 56 - Wyborga went to the door and called softly, and a shadow fell before the entrance of the cave, and there entered the wild-looking man who had come to Wulnoth on the day of the battle. " Wulnoth," he said, " I am Osth the berserker and the giant...
Page 94 - This man is our mightiest boxer, and no man can stand a blow from his fist. Wilt thou exchange a blow with him?

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