Belgium, Volume 1

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Page 83 - Dire rebel though he was, Yet with a noble nature and great gifts Was he endowed : courage, discretion, wit, An equal temper and an ample soul, Rock-bound and fortified against assaults Of transitory passion, but below Built on a surging subterranean fire That stirred and lifted him to high attempts.
Page 114 - Where through the long-drawn aisle and fretted vault The pealing anthem swells the note of praise.
Page 125 - Instruction in our schools is generally faulty and incomplete, and little merits the praise which has been bestowed upon it. The best thing that can be said in its favour is, that it is better than no instruction at all, and that it is more satisfactory to see children sitting on the benches of a school, even although they be doing nothing to the purpose, than to behold them working mischief on the streets.
Page 96 - Le ciseau , le tour , le rabot , 1'emporte-pièce , la tenaille , le marteau , tous les instruments du menuisier, du tourneur, du forgeron , s'évertuent sur le fer comme sur le bois le plus tendre, mais sans menuisier, sans tourneur, sans forgeron ; la main qui les meut est une machine...
Page 174 - madness ruled the hour," their protestations were all unheeded — they were overborne by numbers; and, as the patriots of Ireland, in rejecting the advantages held out to them by Great Britain in the celebrated " commercial propositions" of 1785, adopted as their watchword " perish commerce, but live the constitution ;" so the patriots of Belgium, in their paroxysm of repeal, reproached their less frenzied fellow-countrymen with " allowing the profits on their cottons, or the prices of their iron,...
Page 56 - The cultivation of flax is still, however, her staple employment, one acre in every eighty-six of the whole area of Belgium, being devoted to its growth. In peculiar districts, such as Courtrai and St. Nicolas, so much as one acre in twenty is given to it; and in the Pays de Waes, it amounts so high as one in ten. Every district of Belgium, in fact, yields flax, more or less, except Luxembourg and Limburg, where it has been attempted, but without success ; but of the entire quantity produced, Flanders...
Page 59 - ... of this one article alone, combining the value of the raw material with the value given to it by preparation, in its various stages from flax to linen cloth, produces annually to Belgium an income of 63,615,000 francs. Belgium possesses no source of national wealth at all to be put into comparison with this, involving, as it does, the concentrated profits both of the raw material and its manufacture; and, at the present moment, the attention of the government and the energies of the nation are...
Page 183 - Le guide indispensable du voyageur sur les chemins de fer de la Belgique, etc., avec une notice sur Spa, par MJ Duplessy.
Page 42 - Hainoult and Brabant for the purpose of being worked into lace, has occasionally attained a value almost incredible. A thousand to fifteen hundred francs is no unusual price for it by the pound, but some has actually been spun by hand of so exquisite a texture, as to be sold at the rate often thousand francs, or upwards of $2,000, for a single pound weight. Schools have been established to teach both the netting of the lace and drawing of designs by which to work it, and the trade, at the present...
Page 96 - ... et sans surveillant; car cette machine n'a besoin de personne. On lui donne sa tâche , un certain jour, et pourvu qu'on ne lui retire pas la portion de force motrice qui l'anime, elle terminera cette tâche à jour fixe: elle vous la livrera, comme un ouvrier à la pièce; vous arriverez un beau matin , et vous la trouverez sortie du cylindre, et tournant à vide , en attendant que vous lui donniez une nouvelle tâche.

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