THREE CUPS OF TEA: One Man's Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations...One School at a Time

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An unlikely diplomat scores points for America in a corner of the world hostile to all things American—and not without reason.Mortenson first came to Pakistan to climb K2, the world's second-tallest peak, seeking to honor his deceased sister by leaving a necklace of hers atop the summit. The attempt failed, and Mortenson, emaciated and exhausted, was taken in by villagers below and nursed back to ... Read full review

Review: Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time

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Three Cups of Tea is the true story of one of the most extraordinary humanitarian missions of our time. In 1993, a young American mountain climber named Greg Mortenson stumbles into a tiny village high in Pakistan's beautiful and desperately poor Karakoram Himalaya region. Sick, exhausted, and depressed after a failing to scale the summit of K2, Mortenson regains his strength and his will to live ... Read full review

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I,m from Gilgit baltistan and i think that the author of this book really misguided readers about the region of K-2 surrounding. Every one knows that these areas are predominantly inhibited by shia muslims and Sunni Taliban or their sympathiser did never exist over here. It could be better if it was a fiction but such unrealistic illusion seems creepy for those who are aware of the region. 

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This book is NOT a Non-Fiction book... read about the controversy...... one of the authors completed suicide due to the news finding out about how the story is really not 100% accurate and embelished. Kind of sad, the fact that it is a lie... made me not finish it. plus the style of writing was extremely boring in my opinion. 

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Very interesting story of one man's journey to build schools in little unknown villages of Pakistan. Good reading. Sept.4, 2008

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Some parts might be long and too descriptive but you always want to know more. Great inspiration!

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Some days back i scanned through the book (THREE CUPS OF TEA).It shocked me when i found Greg Mortenson giving negative impression about the inhabitants of South Wazristan.He tells that hashish was pouring from their pockets smelt bad.They would eat lamb with sharp points of knives bones were left meat would eaten.What organised lie he tells.Am the man who brought Greg Mortenson to Ladha sub division.There we lived together for 15 days.He had not been abducted,never tortured and had not gone to Wazir's area.We spent those days at Ladha Kot Langer Khel i have got his pictures his hand written cards address in Washington and phone numbers.He might be able to remember it well.I asked him what did his name mean.He told that some time he gets astonished.Why had his father chosen this name for him.Told that Greg Means "Watch Man".The PAK army reveals the history of Ladha that Greg Mortenson had postponed his visit to Ladha.This sort of history would remain thirsty and untrue.I am existed.I can dare to unmask Greg's lies.His narrated story in the book THREE CUPS OF TEA is very complete,comprehensive, strange if it is read with commercial viewpoint.We visited some prominent persons in South Waziristan.We had had lunch at Chalwishti buder with General Alam Jan (RD).The same day when coming back to Kot Langer Khel we visited Sangi Marjan secretary education he was those days.There we took three cups of tea.Greg admired him that he could express himself fluently in English.And inquired about him.What was he doing i told him the aforementioned. We came back to Kot Langer Khel.During his visit political agent got informed that a foreigner was seen stationed at Kot Langer Khel.Political authorities demanded to produce him before political agent.I sent message to concerned authorities that he would go back to Islamabad and would never be produced before the PA court.Due to customs and traditions,i was morally obligated to fetch him back to Islamabad.The very next day at dawn we departed for Peshawar.When i checked my bag some amount of Rp 10000 was missing.I kept silent and hugged, saw him off for Islamabad.
Greg Mortenson knows how to get access to the minds of the readers applying psychological tricks . He starts his writting when introducing the Waziris that the Waziris are the largest tribe on the frontier,but their state of civilisation is very low . They are a race of robbers and murderers,and the Waziri name is execrated even by the neighboring Muhammadan tribes . They have been described as being free -born and merderous,hot headed and light hearted,self respecting but vain . Muhammadan from a settled district often regord them as utter barbarians . -From the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica
We met in July 1996 at Rawalpindi Sudder bazzar in a hotel Habib . It was just after dawn,light shovering and cool breez was blowing . The weather was pleasent as am used to get up early in the morning . The same day i got up early in the morning as usual,steped out of my room in the hotel to enjoy the kind mercyfull morning . I saw a person making videos ,he suddenly averted his face towards me and waved his hand . I went near by him shaken hand and asked him,where do you come from . He introduced that his name was Greg Mortenson, working for CAI in northern areas in Pakistan to build schools . I showed my passion and told him that i was from South Waziristan Agency Ladha sub division . I further told him that we tribals are deprived from our basic needs,specifically Mahsuds are terribally ignored . His face filled with curiousnes,said he was anxious to visit tribal areas .Would he be able to visit tribal areas . I said yes why not you may go with me if you are seriously intended . He again shaken hand seemed enthusiast . I briefed him that he would be bound not to tell to any Governament official . If he did he would be restrained to go to tribal areas because of security measures . After two or three days we started our journey from Rawalpindi to Peshawar,we had to take stay at Peshawar to manage to buy

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A great read.

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On an expedition to climb K2 in 1993, Greg Mortenson found a remote mountain village in Pakistan. He was lost and near death and the villagers helped him. Out of gratitude, he vowed to build a school for the children who were scratching lessons in the dirt.

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sooo far its really good and really inspiring

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