An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1904 - Ether (Space) - 51 pages
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Page 15 - ... ultimate) gas, and is endowed with a high penetrating power, which signifies that its particles have, relatively to other gases, small weight and extremely high velocity, and (2) that ether is a simple body...
Page 32 - When I am told that the doctrine of unity in the material of which the elements are built up responds to an aspiration for unity in all things, I can only reply that at the root of all things a distinction must be made between matter...
Page 36 - ... in intimate personal relations, thus satisfying their psychological needs. In fact, the only personal needs which it cannot satisfy are the sexual ones. It fails in this because of the existence of incest taboos. The reasons for such taboos appear to be complex and are still imperfectly understood. It is unnecessary to discuss them here. Suffice it to say that practically all societies prohibit the marriage of siblings and thus prevent the fusion of the consanguine and conjugal family units to...
Page 31 - (1) as the lightest of all the elements, both in density and atomic weight ; (2) as the most mobile gas ; (3) as the element least prone to enter into combination with other atoms, and (4) as an all permeating and penetrating substance.
Page 47 - ... was placed in the other flask. Then both flasks were closed. So long as the cock between the flasks remains closed, nothing is visible in the dark ; but...
Page 48 - I think, due to its great mass being able to accumulate ether in far larger quantities than the planets, &c.
Page 32 - ... no general relation is possible between things unless they have some individual character resident in them.

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