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Great Short Read!

User Review  - blueeyestll - Borders

I read this in a couple hours but it was like I was there with Bree Tanner and I didn't want to put it down! I loved this book. The feelings of Bree were unmistakable and it gave more of an ... Read full review

Wicked Smart!

User Review  - jojosilly - Borders

this book is a great story of the character we all wanted to knwo more about and thought that there was going tobe a happy ending. I love it and recomend it to anyone who wanted to know the real story of bree tanner. Read full review

Not worth it

User Review  - AThigpen1 - Borders

After reading all of the Twilight novels, I was curious where Stephanie would take us in this novella. I was disappointed. I felt the writing was very juvenile even for a young adult work. Bree as a ... Read full review


User Review  - Marissa Nicole - Borders

so i read the whole twilight series. and i really did love them at first. now i realize the flaws in the books, but i will always hold the books close to my heart. when i saw that this book was coming ... Read full review

read this!!!

User Review  - read this - Borders

I totally agree with xoxVAxox, i luv the twilight series!! but stephanie meyer should write something new..... and i also recomend the Vampire Academy series!!!! here is the V.A series: Vampire ... Read full review

Great book

User Review  - natt - Borders

When I first hear that Shephenie Meyer was coming out with another book I got so excited.I love all her books .I knew that the book was going to be a good book because all her books are. When it first ... Read full review

do not waste your time!!

User Review  - lmontgomery - Borders

i loved twilight books, so i pre-ordered Stephenie Meyer's next book cause i was expecting something .......better from her.... why Bree Tanner? why not finish MIDNIGHT SUN?.....or maybe write about ... Read full review

Stephenie, let it go already

User Review  - Kaila - Borders

I'm positive that everyone- even my 101 year-old grandmother- is familiar with the Twilight saga. This book proves that even years after "Twilight"'s release, Meyer just can't let go of this obsession ... Read full review


User Review  - Book Star - Borders

It was really good!! I wish she didn't die because i would have liked to learn more about her and if she would have joined the Cullens or left to find fred. Read full review

Go get it!

User Review  - mrskeshababy - Borders

It was pretty good and all i have to say is go get it! :) Read full review

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