The Pavement Masters of Siena (1369-1562)

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G. Bell, 1906 - Art - 159 pages
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Page ii - THE PAVEMENT MASTERS OF SIENA. By RH HOBART CUST, MA PETER VISCHER. BY CECIL HEADLAM. THE IVORY WORKERS OF THE MIDDLE AGES. By AM CUST. Others to follow. Bell's Miniature Series of Painters Pott 8vo, cloth, with 8 Illustrations, is.
Page ii - Handbooks of the Great Craftsmen. Illustrated Monographs, biographical and critical, of the Great Craftsmen and Workers of Ancient and Modern Times. EDITED BY GC WILLIAMSON, Lrrr.D.
Page 14 - To look upon the bed beneath thy feet." As, that some memory may exist of them, Above the buried dead their tombs in earth Bear sculptured on them what they were before; Whence often there we weep for them afresh, From pricking of remembrance, which alone To the compassionate doth set its spur; So saw I there, but of a better semblance In point of artifice, with figures covered Whate'er as pathway from the mount projects. I saw that one who was created noble More than all other creatures, down from...
Page 65 - S. 461.) 1472. Urbano di Pietro maestro di pietra die avere lire 14 per una pila di marmo per detta compagnia, fe fare Savino di Giovanni Savini. 20. RH Hobart Cust, The pavement masters of Siena. p. 65 Anm. 3. Archivio de contraüi di Siena Libro delle due Rose a.
Page 119 - OPERA DEL DUOMO DI SIENA. Libro di Memorie segnato, E. 4. a e. 19.) Memoria come adi 14 di Maggio, misscr Giovanni operaio del Duomo , per deliberatione sua , et de...
Page 142 - E. Ridolfi (L'arte in Lucca studiata nella sua Cattedrale, Lucca 1882, p.
Page 121 - Gloucester, by whom he had three sons and four daughters He died in 1630.] Sir Edward Conway to Sir Dudley Carleton.
Page 95 - V ultimo tondo de la storia de re Agabe e d'Elia quando vanno a fare sacrifizio, e due mandorle con certe figure, e disegniato uno fregio. Archivio e Libro detti dal 1521 al 1529 a 147.
Page 14 - Moreover, as we shall presently see, no records of ornamental work done upon the floor exist earlier than 1369. We may, however, I think, fairly turn the proposition the other way, and fancy that the pavement designers had Dante's wonderfully descriptive verses in their minds, when they planned such a work.
Page 28 - ... ter' Degli affreschi nella cappella di San Giovanni ebbe, nel 14 di agosto del 1504, lire settecento. (Archivio del Duomo di Siena: Libro Rosso d'un Leone, carte 630). 1 «1504 (stile comune, 1505). A maestro Bernardino Pentorichio dipentore, « per la sua fadiga d'auere fatto uno cartone di disegnici per la storia de la « Fortuna, la quale al presente si fa in duomo ; questo di 13 marzo L. do

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