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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

A dead Jewish prostitute arouses the interest of a crime reporter in 1936 Budapest.Despite two major headline stories to occupy him—the death of the prime minister and the upcoming trial of the head of Unit IV, which was tasked with confidence crimes—Zsigmond Gordon, ace crime reporter for the Evening, is sidetracked when he spots a racy photograph of a girl in a drawer left unlocked by Vladimir ... Read full review

Review: Budapest Noir

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

The appetite in the United States for thrillers written abroad has yet to reach its saturation point, if such a thing exists. So it is that BUDAPEST NOIR, written by Vilmos Kondor and translated by Paul Olchvary, should be grandly welcomed by American aficionados of detective fiction. First published in Hungary in 2008, this is the first of what is presently a series of four novels featuring a ... Read full review

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