The Eclectic Practice of Medicine

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Scudder brothers Company, 1906 - Medicine, Eclectic - 1033 pages

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Page 689 - ... often general, rarely more local, in its seat. Of the former, the result of wear and tear of body and mind in old people, and of the latter the effects of local injury to the spine, will serve as examples. It is true, that in the majority of these cases there is much irritability present, there is often an excited pulse, a tongue white on the surface and red at the margin and tip, with a dry, often imperspirable, occasionally hot skin.
Page 684 - ... remains clear on boiling, then add twenty to thirty drops of the suspected urine which is free from albumin. Do not boil after the addition of the urine. If much sugar is present, a yellow or red precipitate of suboxide of copper readily appears. In case the quantity of sugar in the urine is less than 1 per cent., the reduction will not appear until after several minutes, five to thirty.
Page 1039 - If there is one thing more than another that we take pride in. it is our success in the treatment of children. The teaching of pleasant remedies, in small doses, for direct effect has relieved thousands of children from the horrors of " regular
Page 315 - ... in many of which a ray of sun never enters, and where pure air is an unknown quantity, they are compelled to take less oxygen into their lungs, are deprived of outdoor exercise, observe less regular hours, suffer the mental strain of trying to solve the problem of how to keep the wolf away from the home, to say nothing of the dissipations that are engendered by a life in the city, and we have all the conditions that impair digestion and assimilation of food, increase excitability of the nervous...
Page 327 - Thus in the first stage, there is usually an active condition of the circulation; the heart beats rapidly, the pulse being full, strong and bounding ; the capillaries become full and distended, giving us the stage of engorgement. If we are to relieve this engorged condition, we must slow the heart and circulation, and I know of no remedy that will accomplish this end with such happy results as veratrum, if used skillfully. It does not depress and weaken the heart like the coal-tar products, but acts...
Page 1035 - ... claim can only be based upon different principles, a different therapeutics, and a different materia medica. We must, therefore, have distinctive books which clearly state our methods of practice. Old-school works will not serve this purpose, neither will homoeopathic. With the pretensions we make, if we can not show that we have such works, and depend upon them, we are frauds of the first magnitude. In the early days of Eclecticism, the need of text-books was clearly seen, and great sacrifices...
Page 1035 - S a school of medicine we profess to have a distinctive practice, unlike either our old school or homeopathic neighbors. We claim to use different remedies, or in different form and dose, and for different effects. We boldly claim a more successful practice...
Page 87 - Peri-focal zone or regions of periodic epidemics, including the ports of the tropical Atlantic in America and Africa. 3. The zone of accidental epidemics, between the parallels of 45 north and 35 south latitude.
Page 165 - As further evidence that the disease was true diphtheria, one of the turkeys that had survived had paralysis of the feet. The turkeys were in a garden on the north side of the town, and the prevailing winds upon the island are from the north. When this sickness was occurring among the turkeys, an epidemic of diphtheria commenced in the houses in proximity to the garden, and spread through the town. It lasted five months, and of one hundred and twenty-five cas?s in a population of four thousand, thirty-six...
Page 686 - The deposit of oxalate of lime occurs in the form of white glistening powder, which, when examined under the microscope, is found to consist of transparent octahedra, with sharply defined edges and angles. The best way of making the examination is, to allow a portion of the urine passed a...

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