The mysteries of astrology, and the wonders of magic: including a history of the rise and progress of astrology, and the various branches of necromancy : together with valuable directions and suggestions relative to the casting of nativities, and predictions by geomancy, chiromancy, physiognomy, &c. : also ... narratives, anecdotes, &c. illustrative of the marvels of witchcraft, spiritual phenomena, and the results of supernatural influence

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The author, 1854 - Astrology - 238 pages

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An fascinating book about astrology, chiromancy, necromancy, geomancy, witchcraft etc., written by author Roback, Dr. C.W., who was also a practitioner in the field. Includes sections on astrology, chiromancy, nativities, geomancy, physiognomy and metoposcopy.
The final chapter is titled "Narratives and anecdotes in relation to witchcraft, magic, apparitions, visions, presentiments, and other supernatural phenomena." The book opens with an autobiographical sketch where the author describes his childhood in Sweden, his adventures in the Near East and in Europe, his studies in astrology and magic, and finally his emigration in 1844 to the United States.

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Page 47 - This should have been a noble creature: he Hath all the energy which would have made A goodly frame of glorious elements, Had they been wisely mingled; as it is, It is an awful chaos — light and darkness, And mind and dust, and passions and pure thoughts, Mix'd, and contending without end or order, All dormant or destructive.
Page 38 - It is, that the squares of the periodic times of any two planets are to each other as the cubes of their mean distances from the sun...
Page 209 - Christians know it or not), that the giving up of witchcraft* is, in effect, giving up the Bible...
Page 129 - THE PHARISEES also with the Sadducees came and, tempting, desired him that he would show them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, "When it is evening ye say, 'It will be fair weather; for the sky is red.' And in the morning, 'It will be foul weather today; for the sky is red and lowering.
Page 157 - Faustus perceived this lilly as it was springing, and the chief juggler named it the tree of life: thus dealt he with the first, making the barber wash and comb his head, and then he set it on again, presently the...
Page 182 - La Harpe, in his own handwriting. This La Harpe was a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. I will first relate the narrative in La Harpe's own words, and then add a few remarks respecting its authenticity. He writes as follows : — "It seems to me as if it were but yesterday, although it happened at the beginning of the year 1788. We were dining with one of our colleagues of the academy, a man of genius and respectability.
Page 152 - The necromancer entreated me to have a good heart, and take care to burn proper perfumes ; upon which I turned to Romoli, and bid him burn all the most precious perfumes he had. At the same time I cast my eye upon Agnolino Gaddi, who was terrified to such a degree that he could scarce distinguish objects, and seemed to be half dead. Seeing him in this condition, I said, ' Agnolino, upon these occasions a man should not yield to fear, but should stir about and give his assistance, so come directly...
Page 159 - Then began the students to wail and weep for him, and sought for his body in many places. Lastly, they came into the yard, where they found his body lying on the horse dung, most monstrously torn, and fearful to behold, foi his head and all his joints were dashed to pieces.
Page 152 - The boy hearing a crepitation, ventured once more to raise his head, when seeing me laugh, he began to take courage, and said, that the devils were flying away with a vengeance.
Page 155 - ... away the time until it was nine or ten of the clock in the night ; then began Dr.

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