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Legal Defense Fund Honors 13 Fallen Civil Rights Heroes
Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Blacks (Civil rights, History), Black suffrage
Rep. Watts' Ex-college Coach Lauds Him for Making it Big in
Barry Switzer (American football coach.), J. C. Watts (American congressman, management consultant and political commentator.); 1957-, University of Oklahoma (Football)
Attorneys Cochran and Clark Get in 'personal Clash' After Witness' Statement
Johnnie Cochran (American lawyer.); 1937-2005, Marcia Clark (district attorney.), Collin Yamauchi, O. J. Simpson (American football player and sportscaster); 1947- (Murder case, 1994, Criminal trial), Los Angeles (Calif.) (Police)
Study Reveals that Most Southern Colleges Remain Segregated
Colleges and universities (Segregation, Southern States)
Supreme Court Lets Stand Ruling Against Race-based Scholarships at U. of Maryland
United States Supreme Court (Decisions), University of Maryland, College Park, Discrimination in education, Benjamin Banneker Scholarship
Scottie Pippen Ordered to Pay $10,000 in Paternity Suit
Scottie Pippen (American basketball player.), Sonya Roby, Paternity
Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis Star in New Movie 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'.
Samuel L. Jackson (American actor.), Bruce Willis (American actor.), John McTiernan (American motion picture director) (Reviews), Die hard with a vengeance (Motion picture) (Reviews)
Warriors Win No. 1 Pick in 1995 NBA Draft Lottery
Golden State Warriors (Basketball team), Basketball, Professional (Draft)
Robinson Wins NBA Most Valuable Player Honors
David Robinson; 1965-., San Antonio Spurs (Basketball team), Basketball, Professional (Awards)
HBO Airs TV Documentary Movie on Life of Former Champion Sonny Liston
Sonny Liston (American boxer.); 1932-1970, Sonny Liston: the mysterious life and death of a champion (Television program) (Reviews)

Affirmative Action Had Beginnings in Lyndon Johnson Speech at Howard, Prof Says
Lyndon Baines Johnson; 1908-1973 (Speeches, addresses, etc), Howard University, Commencement addresses, Affirmative action
Johnny Mnemonic
Robert Longo (Reviews), Johnny Mnemonic (Motion picture) (Reviews)

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