A Summer in Iceland

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Chapman and Hall, 1868 - Iceland - 375 pages

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Page 168 - seemed to testify by their devout voices that they felt the meaning of the words, " Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there ain I in the midst of them.
Page 96 - its midst, large, glowing masses of rock could be seen floating about, while the water that had been dammed up on both sides of its course was thrown into a violent state of ebullition.
Page 323 - The eruptions do not take place periodically, so that it is impossible to calculate with any degree of certainty on the time when an eruption will take place. The inhabitants of those parts say that an eruption very often will not take place for weeks Y 2
Page 303 - was from the beginning of the twelfth to the middle of the fourteenth century.
Page 29 - companions take hold of him and endeavour to detain him, by which means they are often caught to the number of three or four at a time.—ED.
Page 113 - and if the husband or wife belong to different parts of the island, he is passed on to his native parish, perhaps never more to behold the wife of his youth."—HENDERSON.
Page 204 - who is about fifty years of age, is the son of a farmer in the State of New York, .North America. When sixteen years of age, being in a weak state of health, his doctor ordered him to go to sea. Accordingly, he went on board a
Page 296 - sake—he was very much beloved in Iceland—but on this condition, that it should not be called a tax, and should not be demanded again. But the inhabitants of
Page 293 - remarks that Iceland was united to Norway " without becoming an actual province of it; and neither in an administrative respect could it be accounted so." The participation, too, of the Althing in the legislative authority was, moreover, reserved
Page 145 - and BreiSamerkr-Jokul. though from the last three no lava streams have been known to flow. Eruptions have also occurred on the north side of VatnaJokul. We may therefore class this volcanic agency under the head of the Vatna-Jokul system ; a term which, however, must not be supposed to assume the direction of any distinct volcanic

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