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Page iii - made a mandapa, gave a door" in the temple of NānādesT Vinnagara Alavar at Pukam,161 ie, Arivattanapuram.162 According to Hultzsch, "Nānādesī Vinnagara means the Visnu temple of those coming from various countries.
Page 62 - Adi, of the 15th (year of our reign), at your marriages and funerals, double conches may be blown and drums, etc. beaten, that sandals may be worn (on the way) to places which have to visit, and that your houses may be covered with plaster.
Page 59 - If the inscriptions and the beds are synchronous, we have in them the earliest lithic records of the Tamil country and the most ancient lithic monuments of the Tamil race.
Page 55 - Karuvur and the crowned head of the [Pa]ndya and was pleased to perform the anointment of heroes and the anointment of victors
Page 75 - A village officer demanded taxes from a woman who declared she was not liable. The former seems to have put her through an ordeal. The woman took poison and died. A meeting of the people from the four quarters, eighteen districts and the various countries was held and it was decided that the man was liable.
Page 71 - Singhalese king's) to battle. But he succeeded not in conquering the king of the Cholian race. And so he abandoned the struggle and returned to his own place.
Page 60 - Some follow the true doctrine, others are given to heresy. They do not esteem learning much, but are wholly given to commercial gain. There are the ruins of many old convents, but only the walls are preserved, and there are few religious followers. There are many hundred Deva temples, and a multitude of heretics, mostly belonging to the Nirgranthas.
Page 82 - cherished a wholesome dread of Krishna Raya and his valiant troops, and the Sultan, panic-stricken, never again during his enemy's lifetime ventured to attack the dominions of Vijayanagar. Krishna Deva, flushed with victory, returned at once to the attack of Raichur, and the fortress was after a short time captured. Its fall was due in great measure to the assistance rendered by some Portuguese, headed by Christovao de Figueiredo, who with their arquebusses picked off the...
Page 75 - The woman is said to have declared that if she lived after her husband, she should become the slave of her co-wives. Whoever said she ought not to die, should incur the sin of prostituting his wife. If she did not die, those who did not bind and throw her into the fire and kill her should incur the sin of prostituting their wives.
Page 71 - THE unto him, and was well pleased to see him, and gave him great 7 possessions, and caused him to live outside the city. And while the king of Lanka was yet preparing for war, thinking unto himself, "Now shall I make war with the Cholian king and take two sea-ports, and give them unto King Pandu...

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