Selections from the Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India and Its Dependencies: Vols 1-13, January 1816 to June 1822

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Higginbotham & Company, 1875 - India
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Page 395 - But will God indeed dwell on the earth ? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee ; how much less this house that I have builded...
Page 435 - Elizabeth under the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies.
Page 185 - If evidence be required to prove that chess was invented by the Hindus, we may be satisfied with the testimony of the Persians ; who, though as much inclined as other nations to appropriate the ingenious inventions of a foreign people, unanimously agree, that the game was imported from the west of India, together with the charming fables of Vishnusarman in the sixth century of our era.
Page 281 - J saw his opening virtues bloom, And manly sense unfold ; Too soon to fade ! I bade the stone Record his name * 'midst hordes unknown, Unknowing what it told.
Page 371 - ... a degenerate race of Negroes with woolly hair,* flat noses, and thick lips ; their eyes are small and red, their skin of deep sooty black, whilst their countenances exhibit the extreme of wretchedness : a horrid mixture of famine and ferocity.
Page 10 - That the cruelties and oppressions of the Malabar Ruler in the arbitrary and unjust infliction of bodily tortures and the pains of death without trial, and sometimes without an accusation or the possibility of a crime, and in the general contempt and contravention of all civil rights, have become flagrant, enormous and intolerable, the acts and maxims of his Government being equally and entirely devoid of that justice, which should secure the safety of his subjects, and of that good faith which might...
Page 186 - Having marked eight squares on all sides," says the sage, " place the red army to the east, the green to the south, the yellow to the west, and the black to the north...
Page 9 - His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on the one part; and the...
Page 53 - LI. nations, and of all colours, coming from the extremities of the earth, through a thousand dangers, and encountering fatigues of every description, to adore together the same God, the God of nature. The native of Circassia presents his hand in a friendly manner to the Ethiopian, or the Negro of Guinea ; the Indian and the Persian embrace the inhabitant of Barbary and Morocco ; all looking upon each other as brothers, or individuals of the same family umted by the bands of religion ; and the greater...
Page 48 - I sometimes frequented places," says Forbes, " where the natives had never seen an European, and were ignorant of every thing concerning us; there I beheld manners and customs simple as were those in the patriarchal age ; there, in the very style of Rebecca, and the damsels of Mesopotamia, the Hindoo villagers treated me with that artless hospitality so delightful in the poems of Homer, and other ancient records. On a sultry day, near a...

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