Etymologisches woerterbuch der englischen sprache, Volume 2

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P. Schettler, 1879 - English language
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Page 539 - thraldom' descend to us from a period when it was the custom to thrill or drill the ear of a slave in token of servitude ; a custom in use among the Jews (Deut. xv. 17), and retained by our Anglo-Saxon forefathers, who were wont thus to pierce at the church-door the ears of their bond-servants. By
Page 465 - Zusammensetzungen und ableitungen beruht star auf anderem gründe; so ist starboard hervorgegangen aus ags. steörbord; vgl. steer und die entsprechenden nhd. steuerbord, ndl. stuurbord, schwd. dän. styrbord; danach auch sp. estribord, estribor, fr. stribord, tribord; starchamber soll ursprünglich nach einem zimmer mit gestirnter decke genannt sein; doch bemerkt Webster: „either from ags. steöran: to steer, to govern, or from being held in a rooni at the exchequer, where the chests containing...
Page 262 - ... originated in a joke. Daly, the manager of a Dublin play-house, wagered that a word of no meaning should be the common talk and puzzle of the city in twenty-four hours. In the course of that time the letters quiz were chalked on all the walls of Dublin with an effect that won the wager.
Page 119 - On mortgage Prof. Skeat ('Etym. Diet.') quotes Webster:— " It was called a mortgage or dead pledge, because, whatever profit it might yield, it did not thereby redeem itself, but became lost or dead to the mortgagee on breach of the condition." So Littleton (sect. 332) says the land " is taken from him for ever, and is dead to him...
Page 566 - Hai. 887 trennle: a stout wooden pin driven through the outer planks of a ship's side to fasten them to the ribs; es gilt als entstellt aus trenail, tree-nail baumnagel, balkennagel; theilweise etwa angelehnt an trenne: wooden.
Page 594 - Aretinus nach den versen: ., U t queant laxis resonare fibris Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labü reatum Sancte Johannes!
Page 400 - N. sleuge-or (slaiigwords), insulting words, also new words taking rise from a particular occasion without having wider foundation.
Page 316 - to rote is to hum a tune, to learn a piece by rote is to fix it in the mind like the notes of a tune, so äs to be able to repeat it without thiuking of the meaning of the words;
Page 103 - ... familiar adjunct, sister-mine, brother-mine, &c. " Mam, mother-mine, or mammie, as children first call their mothers," Florio, p. 297. Mother ofmee, Hoffman, 1631. MINE-EARTH. A white earth near the surface of the ground, a certain sign or indication of iron ore or iron stone. Staff. MINEVER. The fur of the ermine mixed with that of the small weasel. The white stoat is called a minifer in Norfolk. MING. (1) To mind or observe. To ming at one, to mention. North. To ming the miller's eye out, ie...
Page 62 - Magot-pie is the original name of the bird ; magot being the familiar appellation given to pies, as we say Robin to a red-breast, Tom to a titmouse, Philip to a sparrow, &c.

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