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A superb character study that's a massive expansion and revision of Green's Alexander the Great (1978, published only in Great Britain as a trade paperback). Like Robert Graves, Green (Classics/Univ. of Texas at Austin) can make the ancient world and its people come alive. Within a few pages, the reader knows that Alexander's father was devoted to wine, women, song, power, and young boys, and that ... Read full review

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This is surely a book worth its time. A roughly 500 page historical biography, or scholarly narrative rather, on Alexander, son of Phillip II, King of Macedon. The work examines the time from the rise of Macedonia under the reign of King Phillip II, and ending, somewhat abruptly, at the death of Alexander in 323 BCE. Rather heavy on ancient geography, the reader is best to refer to maps (of the then known world) to most easily follow the ever advancing conquests. The terse, linear, and accessible, presentation make this quite memorable biography a richly informative epic. The author goes to great length to clarify the difficulty in maintaining objectivity when utilizing so many conflicting sources and propagandists (much of which is from hundreds of years after the events), and seems ever the skeptic, though obviously nonetheless tells his tale.
Great work, highly recommended.

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Alexander and Porus meet each other at Jhelum, where Porus decided. p.389 On the map, about 100Km away from Jhelum, there is a city named Chakwal.

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