The History of the Kirk of Scotland

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Wodrow Society, 1843 - Presbyterianism
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Page 622 - In 1582 he preached the opening sermon before the General Assembly, and boldly 'inveighed against the bloody knife of absolute authority, whereby men intended to pull the crown off Christ's head and to wring the sceptre out of his hand.
Page 238 - PRAYER. LORD JESUS, receive my spirit, and put an end, at thy good pleasure, to this my miserable life ; for justice and truth are not to be found among the sons of men ! John Knox, with deliberate mind — to his God.
Page 329 - July 1574, having been absent from his native country for nearly ten years. Upon his return, the learned Beza, in a letter to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, said, " That the greatest token of affection the kirk of Geneva could show to Scotland, was, that they had suffered themselves to be deprived of Mr. Andrew Melvill.
Page 651 - ... and to have special care that every Parish, betwixt and Pasch next, procure unto themselves two at least of the said Books of Common Prayer, for the use of the Parish. The which to do, we commit to you conjunctly and severally our full power, by these our Letters, delivering the same by you duly executed and indorsed again to the bearer. Given under our signet, at Edinburgh, the twentieth day of December, and of our Reign the twelfth year, 1636.
Page 242 - There lies a man, who, in his life, never feared the face of man ; who hath been often threatened with dag and dagger, but hath ended his days in honour and in peace.
Page 288 - Quhilkes admonitiones gif he or she contemptuously disobeys, that archbishop, bishop, or superintendant to direct charges to the minister of that parochin quhair the offender remaines; or in case there be nane, or that the minister will not execute, to the minister of the next adjecent kirk theirto, Quha sail proceede against the said offender with publick admonitiones, and gif they be contemned, to the sentence of excommunication...
Page 48 - ... comfort of his church, would oppose his power to her pride, and confound her, and her assistants, in their impiety : this prayer, let them call it imprecation or execration, as they pleased, had stricken, and would yet strike, whoever supported her. To the charge of not praying for her, he answered, " I am not bound to pray for her in this place, for sovereign to me she is not ; and I let them understand that I am not a man of law that has my tongue to sell for silver, or favour of the world.
Page 206 - my lord's bishop," and " the Lord's bishop." " My lord bishop," said he, " was in time of Papistrie ; my lord's bishop is now, when my lord getteth the benefice, and the bishop serveth for a portioun out of the benefice, to make my lord's title sure : the Lord's bishop is the true minister of the Gospell.
Page 206 - My Lord's bishop is now when my Lord gets the benefice, and the bishop serves for nothing but to make his title sure ; and the Lord's bishop...
Page 48 - ... bound to pray for her in this place. My accusers, indeed, term her their sovereign, and themselves the nobility and subjects professing her obedience ; but in this they confess themselves traitors, and so I am not bound to answer them. * * * As to the imprecations made against her, I have willingly confessed, that I have desired, and in my heart desire, that God of his mercy, for the comfort of his poor flock within this realm, will oppose his power to her pride, and confound her and her flatterers,...