Sketch of the Dabneys of Virginia: With Some of Their Family Records

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Press of S. D. Childs & Company, 1888 - 197 pages
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This book starts off all wrong. The Virginia Dabneys emigrated to Jamestown, Virginia from Lincolnshire, England in the mid 17th century where they had been living for generations. They were probably of Norman descent but were definitely not Huguenots.

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Page 23 - Huguenot family which had fled from France at the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and settled in Guernsey.
Page 45 - No action may be brought for the recovery of personal property after a lapse of twenty years (żi and 24 Viet., chapter 38). Any attempt, therefore, to recover real estate from the Crown or individuals after a lapse of twelve years (which may be extended to thirty under certain circumstances), and personal property after a lapse of twenty years, however valid the claim of the person making the attempts may have been originally, is certain to end in failure.
Page 60 - Benjamin Dabney had given up the family mansion at Dabney's Ferry, together with his patrimony, on his father's death, to his brother and his half-brothers, and he made his home on the York River, at Bellevue, in King and Queen County. He had also, to some extent, used his own means in the education of his halfbrother, James Dabney, and his wife's favorite brother, John Augustine Smith. Both young men received medical educations...
Page 38 - Cornelius; the latter died before he did, as he mentions that his portion of the estate was to be sold, and the proceeds divided among the children of his deceased son, Cornelius.
Page 116 - Secession, he entered the Confederate Army at the outbreak of the Civil War as a private, and l>eforc its close had risen to the rank of Lieutenant-General.
Page 121 - ... enriched his mind with a large stock of valuable knowledge, derived from his own observation, and intercourse with intelligent men.
Page 23 - Jackson," and now professor in the State University of Texas, is descended from Cornelius Dabney's son George. John Dabney established himself on the lower Pamunkey River, at what has been known ever since as Dabney's Ferry, and this became the original nest of the Dabneys of King William and Gloucester Counties. " Most of the families of Lower Virginia are descended from John d'Aubigne ; also the Carrs, Walters, Taylors, Pendletons, Nelsons, Robinsons, and Carters and Fontaines, Bcverleys and Maurys,...
Page 51 - ... in America that help through one winter would set Huguenots on their feet. Some brought substantial capital with them ; many brought special skills. The first twenty years of Le Jau's life were spent in the La Rochelle region of France, where he absorbed much of the culture of the age of Louis XIV. At the time of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, he was one of the quarter of a million Protestants who fled from the fury of religious persecution. The next fifteen years (1685-1700)...
Page 44 - ... to believe themselves heirs to vast estates in Great Britain by designing persons on both sides of the ocean, who, with a view to personal gain, insert notices in local newspapers in the United States to the effect' that a large property left by a person of the same name with that of some well-known family of the district, or of some exceedingly common name likely to occur anywhere, such as Smith or Jones, or who distribute i'ar and wide lists of unclaimed ("states which do not exist.
Page 77 - ... title. Mrs. Colegrove fell into bad health, and in her last sickness, about two years after the property was deeded to her husband, asked her husband to transfer the property to her two children, so that, in case he should ever marry again, the children would be protected. He did not do so, and some years after the death of his first wife he married a second time. His present wife, the plaintiff in this suit, testified that before her marriage she was informed by him and members of his family...

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