The Universal Illusion of Free Will and Criminal Responsibility

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University Press, limited, 1899 - Criminal anthropology - 138 pages
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Page 76 - The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.
Page 142 - That so immaculate a community as the one referred to should first learn of good and evil at this late day pathetically suggests ' Paradise Lost,' and one could almost shed a sympathetic tear as he contemplates the vestal innocence, thus rudely smirched, of a people among whom vice (and hypocrisy) are known to be altogether absent. The deliverance of the judge at this celebrated Bedborough trial suggests, on the other hand, by its insolence, the sixteenth century ; by its stupidity, the fifteenth...
Page 27 - We might enumerate in advance how many individuals will stain their hands with the blood of their fellows, how many will be forgers, how many will be poisoners, almost we can enumerate in advance the births and deaths that should occur.
Page 8 - ... admit in man the power to decide between turning to the right or to the left, even when the motives are perfectly equal as regards the two directions opposed ; for they pretend that our spirit can say, without having other reason than to make use of its liberty : I like this better than that, although I see nothing more worthy of my choice in this than in that."* And Bossuet, in his Traite du libre arbitre has said that moral liberty belongs to man, because he can choose or not choose, without...
Page 84 - There is no crime or fault when the accused was in a state of insanity at the time of the act, or when he has heen constrained by a force which he was not able to resist.
Page 73 - That goes back through all time — before considerations of motive ever came into being, before human thought or life had ever evolved. R. WYSE JACKSON. AN APPEAL TO THE EAR. To the proofs for the pronunciation of £ as zd in Classical Greek (well summarised in Giles
Page 142 - ... the University Press Limited has been compelled to transfer the rights to a Paris firm. Orders may be sent to the MANAGER, the University Press Limited, who will forward the same to Paris for prompt execution. Referring to this prosecution the Canadian Journal of Medicine of March, 1899, says: — " This valuable contribution to the growing literature of degeneration, by a conscientious, sincere and manly writer, whose honour and genius are beyond all question, has been placed upon the Index...
Page 142 - Studies in the Psychology of Sex. By HAVELOCK ELLIS. Vol. I.— In consequence of the recent prosecution instituted by the Commissioners of Police against a bookseller in London for selling this important scientific work the University Press Limited has been compelled to transfer the rights to a Paris firm. Orders may be sent to the MANAGES, the University Press Limited, who will forward the same to- Paris for prompt execution.
Page 23 - We must not forget that man is the resultant of the time and place where he lives, that he is intimately connected with all that surrounds him, preceded him, and follows him.* His ego is influenced and modified by all the environment in which he lives. Heredity or interior environment has determined his character and temperament ; Cosmic, individual and social environment act upon his character and temperament and modify them. As the product of these environments the human being cannot be free, and...
Page 142 - Bedborough, who was then put in jail and charged with ' publishing an obscene libel with the intention of corrupting the morals of Her Majesty's subjects'.

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