France in 1829-30, Volume 1

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Saunders and Otley, 1831 - France

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Page 336 - Or where the beetle winds His small but sullen horn, As oft he rises midst the twilight path, Against the pilgrim borne in heedless hum: Now teach me, maid composed, To breathe some softened strain, Whose numbers, stealing through thy darkening vale, May not unseemly with its stillness suit; As, musing slow, I hail Thy genial loved return.
Page 337 - midst its dreary dells, Whose walls more awful nod By thy religious gleams. Or if chill blust'ring winds, or driving rain, Prevent my willing feet, be mine the hut, That from the mountain's side, Views wilds and swelling floods, And hamlets brown, and dim-discover'd spires, And hears their simple bell, and marks o'er all Thy dewy fingers draw The gradual dusky veil.
Page 337 - Then let me rove some wild and heathy scene; Or find some ruin 'midst its dreary dells, Whose walls more awful nod By thy religious gleams.
Page ix - Or man, or woman. Yet I argue not Against Heaven's hand or will, nor bate a jot Of heart or hope, but still bear up and steer Right onward.
Page 134 - Tracy is, in my judgment, the ablest writer living on intellectual subjects, or the operations of the understanding. His three octavo volumes on Ideology, which constitute the foundation of what he has since written, I have not entirely read; because I am not fond of reading what is merely abstract, and unapplied immediately to some useful science.
Page 337 - For when thy folding-star arising shows His paly circlet, at his warning lamp The fragrant hours, and elves Who slept in buds the day, And many a nymph who wreathes her brows with sedge, And sheds the freshening dew, and lovelier still, The pensive pleasures sweet Prepare thy shadowy car.
Page 336 - Whose numbers, stealing through thy darkening vale, May, not unseemly, with its stillness suit, As, musing slow, I hail Thy genial loved return ! For when thy folding star arising shows His paly circlet...
Page 96 - A part of my occupation, and by no means the least pleasing, is the direction of the studies of such young men as ask it. They place themselves in the neighboring village, and have the use of my library and counsel, and make a part of my society. In advising the course of their reading, I endeavor to keep their attention fixed on the main objects of all science, the freedom and happiness of man.
Page 96 - ... This is the distinguished personage, who, after an absence of eight and thirty years, is now come to visit the nation, for whose independence and freedom he hazarded whatever is most valued in human estimation, almost half a century ago. He comes, too, at the express invitation of the entire people ; he is literally the ' Guest of the Nation ;' but the guest, it should be remembered, of another generation, than the one he originally came to serve.
Page 70 - Resolved, that a letter be written to his most Christian majesty, to be signed by his excellency, the president of congress, expressive of the high sense which the United States, in congress assembled, entertain of the zeal, talents, and meritorious services, of the marquis de...

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