Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, in New England: Miscellaneous records [including Births, marriages, deaths and burials; Treasury accounts, and Lists of freemen and others] 1633-1689

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Press of W. White, 1857 - Barnstable County (Mass.)
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Page 32 - Comonwealth and that which is more then all hath bine named hee was a very godly man and soe lived and Died full of faith and Comfort being much lamented by all of all sorts sects and Conditions of people...
Page 74 - Senir, was buried the 18th [*80.] *Lett none maruell att the promiscuous and disorderly setting downe of the names of such as are or may be married, or doe or may be born, or may dye ; for they are sett as they were brought to mee, as disorderly as they are sett downe. If the Courts order had bin minded respecting this matter, they had bine otherwise placed then they are.
Page 34 - Discharge therof studious of peace a welwiller to all that feared God ; and a terrour to the wicked, his ; Death was much lamented, and his body honorably buryed att Plymouth the Day and yeare abovemensioned...
Page 34 - Govr sixteen years, or neare therunto, hee finished his course in the 73 yeare of his life. Hee was a worthy gentleman, very pious, and very able for his office, and faithful in the discharge therof, studious of peace, a welwiller to all that feared God, and a terrour to the wicked.
Page 34 - Hee was one of the first comers into this land, and proved a usefull instrument of good in his place, & was the last man that was left of those that came over in the shipp called the May Flower, that lived in Plymouth; hee was with honor intered att the towne of Plymouth on the 25 of February, 1672.
Page 3 - ... and the last the fifth of April, 1692, consequently extending until the union of the Massachusetts and Plymouth colonies." Prior to 1637, the acts of this character were incorporated in the records of Court Orders. Vol. VIII. Miscellaneous Records: 1633-1689. Boston, 1857. v, (3), 283 pp. Contents. Records of Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Burials in the several towns of the Colony of New Plymouth, as they were returned by the respective town clerks, 1647-1687 (Yarmouth, Plymouth, Sandwich, Eastham,...
Page 34 - Thomas Prence, Esquire, Govr of the jurisdiction of New Plymouth, died the 29th of March 1673, and was interred the 8th of Aprill following. After hee had served God in the office of Govr sixteen years, or neare therunto, hee finished his course in the 73 yeare of his life.
Page 35 - ... certain lands, variously located at Eel River and Wellingsly-t She died at Plymouth, 2 October, 1673, aged above ninety years. For some unknown reason, unless there is a mistake in the record, she was not buried until the twenty-second day after her death, when it was entered on the records that she, " haueing liued a godly life, came to her graue as a shoke of corn fully ripe."* Children of Richard and Elizabeth Warren : 2.
Page 35 - PLYMOUTH. of Nouember, anno 1669. Bethya Howland, the daughter of Jabez Howland, was borne on the third day of June, 1674. John Howland, the son of Jabez Howland, was borne about the 15th day of January, 1672, and soone after deceased within the same month. Mistris Lydia Morton, the wife of Nathaniel Morton, Senir, deceased on the 23 of September, 1673, after shee had liued with her said husband neare the space of 38 yeares. After much dollorous paine and sicknes, shoe ended her life with much peace...
Page 32 - John Dunham senir of Plymouth aged about fourscore yeares Died the 2cond of March 1668 hee was an approved servant of God: And a usefull man in his place being a Deacon of the Church of Christ at t Plymouth.

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