The Novels and Romances of Edward Bulwer Lytton (Lord Lytton) ...: My novel

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Little, Brown, 1896
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Page 319 - Ogni altra cosa ogni pensier va fore ; E sol ivi con voi rimatisi Amore!" CHAPTER XII. AND Violante, thus absorbed in reverie, forgot to keep watch on the Belvidere. And the Belvidere was now deserted. The wife, who had no other ideal to
Page 178 - and it always will. Because, whenever we love deeply, we exact so much and forgive so little. Be content to find some one with whom your hearth and your honor are safe. You will grow to love what never wounds your heart; you will soon grow out of love with what must always disappoint
Page 39 - I remember that you thought the Governor, as you call him, used to chafe a little when you wrote for more pocket-money ; and the only time I ever saw you with tears in your eyes, was when Mr. Hazeldean, in sending you five pounds, reminded you that his estates were not entailed,—were at his own
Page 194 - passed into Helen's room, and sat beside her motionless, for she slept. She woke just as Harley returned with a physician; and then Leonard, returning to his own room, saw amongst his papers the letter he had written to Mr. Dale, and muttering, "I need not disgrace my calling; I need not be the mendicant
Page 11 - struggle with her conscience. She not only upbraided herself for her rash visit, but she kept talking of her dead Mark. And what would he say of her if he could see her in heaven ? "It was so selfish in me, Lenny." " Pooh, pooh! Has not a mother a right to her child
Page 178 - gentle tap at the door, and in comes Violante, with her dark eyes, that shine out through reproachful tears, — reproachful that I should mourn alone, while she is under my roof; so she puts her arms round me, and in five minutes all is sunshine within. What care we for your English gray clouds without
Page 58 - hope, will repay me in person, not before. When does he come? " "Oh, he has again postponed his visit to London; he is so much needed in Vienna. But while we are talking of him, allow me to ask if your friend, Lord L'Estrange, is indeed still so bitter against that poor brother of mine
Page 83 - as a mother. I am not her son — her—" He stopped short. "No; but don't be hard on your true mother,—poor Nora!" Leonard staggered, and then burst into a sudden paroxysm of tears. "Oh, my own mother! — my dead mother! Thou for whom I felt so mysterious a love ; thou from whom I took this
Page 10 - I have these, and I have more: I have brains, and thoughts, and hopes, that,— again I say, No, no; never fear for me! " The boy threw back his head proudly ; there was something sublime in his young trust in the future. " Well. But you will write to Mr. Dale, or to me
Page 49 - till then; if, on experience, you should prefer to return to Oxford, and pursue the slower but surer path to independence and distinction, you can. And now give me your hand, Mr. Leslie, in sign that you forgive my bluntness; it is time to dress." Randal, with his face still averted, extended

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