Vocations for the Trained Woman: Opportunities Other Than Teaching

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Agnes Perkins
Longmans, Green, and Company, 1910 - Women - 296 pages
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Page v - is the outgrowth of a conviction that many women who are unfitted for teaching drift into it because it is the vocation with which they are most familiar ; that the teaching which results is injurious to both teacher and pupil ; that many who make poor teachers might become able workers if wisely guided into other fields.
Page 31 - ... promote efficient and economical municipal government ; to promote the adoption of scientific methods of accounting and of reporting the details of municipal business with a view to facilitating the work of public officials ; to secure constructive publicity in matters pertaining to municipal problems ; to collect, to classify, to analyze, to correlate, to interpret and to publish facts as to the administration of municipal government.
Page 135 - ... exceptions, these women are concerned with the business of farming simply as a result of chance. It was not their choice to be farmers. Nearly all were wives or daughters of farmers and inherited their farms. About half of those who own farms continue to make the farm their home rather than rent it. A few of these women have taken up the business of farming and engaged in it actively. Others are living on the farms and accepting such incomes as the farms furnish, without making much effort to...
Page 278 - Attitude to Firm, Customer and Fellow-Employee," demonstration of selling in the class, salesmanship lectures. The note-book work required gives material for English, including spelling, punctuation and penmanship. Demonstration of selling in the class is conducted like the teaching lessons in normal schools. Real customers, chosen because they represent different types, buy real articles. The sale is watched by the whole class, notes being taken of strong and weak points. When the sale is finished,...
Page 278 - ... schools. Real customers, chosen because they represent different types, buy real articles. The sale is watched by the whole class, notes being taken of strong and weak points. When the sale is finished, the one who has made the sale is allowed to criticize her own work, then the class criticizes, the customer tells why she did or did not buy the article, and the whole is summed up by the director. These demonstrations, the discussions of store experience, observations in other stores, and actual...
Page 143 - TABLE in. VARIATION IN LANDLORDS' PROFITS. 37 RENTED FARMS OWNED BY WOMEN. It is interesting to know what the farm incomes were for these landlords. They varied from a loss of $42 to a profit of $936. In ten cases it was more than $500. Women farmers vs. women landlords. The women who personally managed their farms, doing more or less work, had a house to live in, milk, eggs, butter, meat, vegetables, wood, etc., to use in the house and $428 to live on. The women who rented their farms to tenants...
Page 19 - July, nineteen hundred and one, the jurisdiction of the department of public charities of The City of New York over Bellevue Hospital and the Fordham, Harlem and Gouverneur Hospitals and the Emergency Hospital in east Twenty-sixth street...
Page 225 - A four years' combined academic and technical course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Library Economy. C I. A three years' certificate course consisting of two years of academic study followed by one year's technical course. C 2. A two years' technical certificate course.
Page 228 - As the time for going to press approaches, the copy pours in faster and faster, the composing-room signals that the paper is already overset, and yet perhaps now, at the last minute, an item of first importance in the whole day's events comes in, and room must be made for it. In the midst of all this clamor the desk man must keep his head, racing through the piles of copy, weighing its merits discriminately and giving as cool and careful decision as though he had all the leisure and quiet in the...

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