Rose's Notes on the United States Supreme Court Reports (2 Dallas to 241 United States Reports): Showing the Present Value as Authority of All Cases Therein Reported as Disclosed by All Subsequent Citations in All the Courts of Last Resort, Both Federal and State, and in the Annotations in American Decisions, American Reports, American State Reports, Annotated Cases (American and English), Lawyers' Reports Annotated, English Ruling Cases, British Ruling Cases, Negligence and Compensation Cases Annotated, with Parallel References to the Above-mentioned Annotated Cases, the Lawyers' Edition of the U. S. Reports and the Reporter System, Book 19

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Bancroft-Whitney, 1920 - Annotations and citations (Law)
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Page 191 - There is, too, a general acquiescence in the doctrine that debates in Congress are not appropriate sources of information from which to discover the meaning of the language of a statute passed by that body.
Page 235 - ... generally, as distinguished from those of a particular class, require such interference; and, second, that the means are reasonably necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose, and not unduly oppressive upon individuals. The Legislature may not, under the guise of protecting the public interests, arbitrarily interfere with private business, or impose unusual and unnecessary restrictions upon lawful occupations; in other words, its determination as to what is a proper exercise of its police...
Page 227 - No conduct has such an absolute privilege as to justify all possible schemes of which it may be a part. The most innocent and constitutionally protected of acts or omissions may be made a step in a criminal plot, and if it is a step in a plot neither its innocence nor the Constitution is sufficient to prevent the punishment of the plot by law.
Page 144 - Great constitutional provisions must be administered with caution. Some play must be allowed for the joints of the machine, and it must be remembered that legislatures are ultimate guardians of the liberties and welfare of the people in quite as great a degree as the courts.
Page 144 - Amendment, unless they can see clearly that there is no fair reason for the law that would not require with equal force its extension to others whom it leaves untouched . . . Great Constitutional provisions must be administered with caution.
Page 916 - ... Commission created by that act copies of established schedules, and power was conferred upon that body to provide as to the form of the schedules, and penalties were imposed for not establishing and filing the required schedules. The Commission was endowed with plenary administrative power to supervise the conduct of carriers, to investigate their affairs, their accounts, and their methods of dealing, and generally to enforce the provisions of the act.
Page 243 - The language, therefore, which is so often used, that a judgment estops not only as to every ground of recovery or defense actually presented in the action, but also as to every ground which might have been presented, is strictly accurate, when applied to the demand or claim in controversy.
Page 318 - Dr. Miles Medical Co. v. John D. Park & Sons Co., 220 US 373, 31 S.Ct.
Page 214 - The interpretation of the Constitution of the United States is necessarily influenced by the fact that its provisions are framed in the language of the English common law, and are to be read in the light of its history.
Page 713 - The generality of a title is therefore no objection to it, so long as it is not made to cover legislation incongruous In itself, and which by no fair intendment can be considered as having a necessary or proper connection.