May day, by George Chapman. Spanish gipsy; The changeling, by T. Middleton and W. Rowley. More dissemblers besides women, by T. Middleton

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Whittingham and Rowland, 1815 - English drama
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Page 239 - That bosom well who of his thoughts partakes, Proves most discreet in every choice he makes. Methinks I love now with the eyes of judgment, And see the way to merit, clearly see it.
Page 267 - Sirrah, no more ! I see you have discovered This love's knight errant, who hath made adventure For purchase of my love ; be silent, mute, Mute as a statue, or his injunction For me enjoying, shall be to cut thy throat ; I'll do it, though for no other purpose, And be sure he'll not refuse it. LoL My share, that's all, I'll have my fool's part with you.
Page 318 - ALL we can do, to comfort one another, To stay a brother's sorrow, for a brother ; To dry a child from the kind father's eyes Is to no purpose, it rather multiplies : Your only smiles have power to cause re-live The dead again, or in their rooms to give Brother a new brother, father a child ; If these appear, all griefs are reconcil'd.
Page 246 - The place is my charge ; you have kept your hour, And the reward of a just meeting bless you ! I hear my lady coming : complete gentleman, I dare not be too busy with my praises, They're dangerous things to deal with. [Exit. Als. This goes well ; These women are the ladies' cabinets, Things of most precious trust are lock'd into 'em.
Page 299 - Tigr. Serve my turn, sir ? Arb. Ay, sir, it shall not serve your turn. Tigr. Be plainer, good sir. Arb. This woman shall carry no more letters back to your love Panthea; by Heaven she shall not; I say she shall not. Mar. This would make a saint swear like a soldier, and a soldier like Termagant.
Page 313 - I'll be your pander now ; rehearse again Your scene of lust, that you may be perfect When you shall come to act it to the black audience, Where howls and gnashings shall be music to you...
Page 277 - I'll know you from a hundred; I could break you now, Or turn you into milk, and so beguile The master of the mystery; but I'll look to you. Ha! that which is next is ten times worse: (reads) How to know whether a woman be a maid or not: If that should be applied, what would become of me?
Page 298 - This strumpet serves her own ends, 'tis apparent now, Devours the pleasure with a greedy appetite, And never minds my honour or my peace, Makes havoc of my right; but she pays dearly for't; No trusting of her life with such a secret, That cannot rule her blood to keep her promise...
Page 231 - em, and draw thine own skin off with 'em ! [Exit with DIAPHANTA and Servants. De F. Here's a favour come with a mischief now ! I know She had rather wear my pelt z tann'd in a pair Of dancing pumps, than I should thrust my fingers Into her sockets here...
Page 261 - No, I'll see you wiser first : to your own kennel ! Fran. No noise, she sleeps ; draw all the curtains round, Let no soft sound molest the pretty soul, But love, and love creeps in at a mouse-hole.

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