Lawn Tennis

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G. Bell, 1908 - Tennis - 79 pages
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Page 63 - At the end of the first game the Striker-out shall become Server, and the Server shall become Striker-out ; and so on alternately in the subsequent games of the set.
Page 65 - On either player winning his first stroke, the score is called 15 for that player; on either player winning his second stroke, the score is called 30 for that player; on either player winning his third stroke, the score is called 40 for that player; and the fourth stroke won by either player is scored game for the player, except as below. If both players have won three strokes, the score is called deuce; and the next stroke won by either is scored advantage for that player.
Page 63 - ... in weight. 3. In matches where Umpires are appointed, their decision shall be final ; but where a Referee is appointed, an appeal shall lie to him from the decision of an Umpire on a question of law, and in all such cases the decision of the Referee shall be final.
Page 64 - After a fault the server shall serve again from the same court from which he served that fault, unless it was a fault because he served from the wrong court.
Page 69 - Line of the Court, which is diagonally opposite to that from which it was served, or upon any such line.
Page 74 - The draw shall be conducted in the following manner : Each competitor's name shall be written on a separate card or paper, and these shall be placed in a bowl or hat, drawn out one by one at random, and copied on a list in the order in which they have been drawn.
Page 74 - ROUND 456 2 ; and the number of pairs that shall meet in the first round shall be equal to the difference between the number of competitors and the next lower power of 2. The byes, if even in number, shall be divided, as the names are drawn, in equal proportions at the top and bottom of the list, above and below the pairs ; if uneven in number, there shall be one more bye at the bottom than at the top. Thus, in SERIES i.
Page 67 - A player receiving four-sixths of 15 receives nothing in the first and third games, and 15 in the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth games of a set. NOTE. — The table is not carried beyond the sixth game, as in the next and every succeeding six games the odds recur in the same positions.
Page 66 - ... set. 24. When a series of sets is played, the player who was server in the last game of one set shall be striker-out in the first game of the next. ODDS. 25.
Page 70 - ... 9. The committee shall help to keep order on the ground, and shall consult and decide upon any question arising out of the competition, if summoned for that purpose by the referee or by any two of their number ; and they shall have power when so convened, the misconduct of a competitor having been reported to them by a member of the committee or an umpire, to disqualify the offender, and further to order him off the ground, should his misconduct appear to them to justify such action, but before...

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