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This is a great book, and contains the best introductory explanation of the physical significance of Maxwell’s equations I have seen.
The focus of this text is to introduce the physics and not to
focus on or distract the reader with unnecessary mathematics. It contains just enough of the mathematics to understand the concepts, but unlike layman books on physics that often skimp on the mathematics, this book does not attempt to omit any that is required to understand the physics. The reader will be well prepared for a more in depth, and mathematically thorough treatment after covering this material.
As each new symbol or concept is introduced it is explained thoroughly. If only all texts books were written this way!
In my opinion, this book is suitable for students of almost any level. It contains nice explanations of basic concepts such as dot product and line integral, but these can be skipped easily if desired due to the modular and well thought out layout. Even if you do not personally need to cover such basic concepts it is refreshing to read this treatment in its entirety because of how well sequenced and explained all such concepts are.
I liked the approach of starting with the integral form instead of the differential form. This is the opposite of how I learned these equations in my Engineering E&M course, and I felt this required less mathematics and abstraction to introduce the physical topics.
The podcasts associated with this text are also excellent, and complement the text nicely.

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