The Modern Part of an Universal History: From the Earliest Account of Time. Compiled from Original Writers. By the Authors of The Antient Part

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S. Richardson, T. Osborne, C. Hitch, A. Millar, John Rivington, S. Crowder, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Longman, and C. Ware, 1759

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Page 140 - ... Sultan Murad, or Amurath, lived forty-nine, and reigned thirty years, six months, and eight days. He was a just and valiant prince, of a great soul, patient of labours, learned, merciful, religious, charitable; a lover and encourager of the studious, and of all who excelled in any art or science; a good emperor and a great general. No man obtained more or greater victories than Amurath; Belgrade alone withstood his attacks.
Page 469 - Mojtafa comes to his fenfes ; and feeing himfelf laid in a gilded room, afked thofe who attended him, what was the meaning of all that, and whether he was in a dream, or in paradife ? Having informed him of what had parted, and his bargain with the Soltan, the man falls into a terrible fright, as knowing MoraeTs fierce difpofition.
Page 154 - Mohammed's flaves rufhed in ; and mounting the walls, cut thofe who defended them in pieces : after which the enemy found no difficulty to get up. As foon as thofe who fought under the emperor, and knew nothing of this misfortune, as ly a fully being at a diftance from that place, perceived themfelves to be port.
Page 358 - grieve for the victory which the Europeans " obtained over the inhabitants of the earth ; " gladness shall not be given them any more for " victory hereafter." Selim, admonished by this oracle that the overthrow of the fleet had not happened without the interposition of God, returned him thanks for his fatherly correction, and recovered his spirits. This calamity...
Page 388 - September, when it was taken by ftorm, and all the garrifon put to the fword.
Page 472 - Job's molk (Z), where in eight days all the ceremonies of his inauguration being completed, he rode through the city to his palace : but whether for want of practice, or through an aukwardnefs natural to fools, he fat his horfe fo odioufly, (A) that it moved the laughter rather than the acclamations of people.
Page 533 - ... of Vienna, which could not have held out twenty-four hours longer ; the confederate troops joined the imperialifts at the foot of the Kalemberg, or mountain of Kalem, amounting by computation, in the whole, to fixtyfive thoufand men. In their march over this mountain, 'the prince of Saxe...
Page 438 - Franci, went over in the fame quality to England, where he had an audience of king James I. at...
Page 396 - This famine was attended by a terrible plague, of which daily grea: numbers died : fo that of eighty-five thoufand Tatars, who the year before came into Hungary, fcarce eight thoufand were left alive. As an addition to thefe calamities, the Turks continually received new damages from the confederates.
Page 494 - No pen can defcribe their confidence on this occafion, in aflerting the power of their pretended meffiah, and the wonders which he would perform. But here the farce at once ended : for Mohammed, demanding a miracle in proof of his...

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