History of India

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Christian Knowledge Society's Press, 1884 - India - 240 pages

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Page 237 - When, by the blessing of Providence, internal tranquillity shall be restored, it is our earnest desire to stimulate the peaceful industry of India, to promote works of public utility and improvement, and to administer its government for the benefit of all our subjects resident therein. In their prosperity will be our strength, in their contentment our security, and in their gratitude our best reward. And may the God of all power grant to us, and to those in authority under us, strength to carry out...
Page 237 - Our expenditure shows a large and continuous growth since the transfer of the Government of India from the Company to the Crown, and recent changes in the frontier policy have accelerated its pace in an alarming manner.
Page 131 - The sepoys came to Clive, not to complain of their scanty fare, but to propose that all the grain should be given to the Europeans, who required more nourishment than the natives of Asia. The thin gruel, they said, which was strained away from the rice, would suffice for themselves. History contains no more touching instance of military fidelity, or of the influence of a commanding mind.
Page 217 - Guns were dismounted and their ammunition was blown into the air ; squadrons were checked in mid career ; battalion after battalion was hurled back with shattered ranks, and it was not until after sunset that portions of the enemy's position were finally carried. Darkness, and the obstinacy of the contest, threw the English into confusion ; men of all regiments and arms were mixed together ; generals were doubtful of the fact, or...
Page 123 - Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies
Page 2 - As far as the Eastern, and as far as the Western Oceans, between the two mountains just mentioned, lies the tract which the wise have named Arya varta, or inhabited by respectable men.
Page 100 - Mogul power, he urged the king " to strike the trunk of the withering tree, the branches must fall of themselves. Now is our time to drive strangers from the land of the Hindoos, and to acquire immortal renown. By directing our efforts to Hindostan the Mahratta flag in your reign shall fly from the Kistna to the Attok.
Page 22 - To cease from all sin, To get virtue, To cleanse one's own heart — This is the religion of the Buddhas.
Page 113 - Peshwa's dominions, and these troops were to act with his own forces in the event of war ; no European of a nation hostile to the English was to be entertained...
Page 112 - Nana Farnavis died, and with him departed "all the wisdom and moderation of the Maratha government".

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