The Official Football Guide

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NCAA Publishing Service., 1915 - Football
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Early volumes consisted of rules with a separate publication for text. Later volumes consist of text and rules.

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Page 105 - A Touchback is made when the ball in possession of a player guarding his own goal is declared dead by the referee, any part of it being on...
Page 95 - The game shall be played upon a rectangular field, 360 feet in length and 160 feet in width. The lines at the ends of the field shall be termed end lines. Those at the sides shall be termed side lines. The goal lines shall be established in the field 10 yards from and parallel to the end lines. The space bounded by the goal lines and the side lines shall be termed the field of play. The spaces bounded by the goal lines, the end lines and the side lines shall be termed the end zones.
Page 106 - A safety is made when a player of the side in possession of the ball makes a forward pass which becomes incompleted behind his goal line or commits a foul which would give the ball to the opponents behind the offender's goal line. "A safety is made when the ball, kicked by a man behind his goal line crosses the extended portion of either sideline.
Page 102 - Bounds when it touches the ground on or outside the side line or side line extended, or when any part of the player who holds the ball touches the ground on or outside the side line or side line extended. If the ball is kicked so that it goes out of bounds before crossing the opponents' goal line, it shall belong to the opponents at the point where it crossed the side line.
Page 117 - At kick-off, if the ball goes out of bounds before it is touched by an opponent, it shall be brought back and kicked off again. If it is kicked out of bounds a second time, it shall go as a kick-off to the opponents. If either side thus forfeits the ball twice, it shall go to the opponents who shall put it in play by a scrimmage at the center of the field.
Page 292 - In case of a tie a goal kicked from a touchdown shall take precedence over a goal otherwise kicked.
Page 101 - A Fair Catch consists in catching the ball after it has been kicked by one of the opponents and before it touches the ground, or in similarly catching a punt-out by another of the catcher's own side, provided the player, while making the catch, makes a mark with his heel and takes not more than one step thereafter. It is not a fair catch if the ball after the kick was touched by another of his side before the catch. Opponents who are...
Page 107 - ... side is allowed to leave the field of play and no representative, except one from either side in order to look after the physical condition of the players, may come upon the field of play. At the beginning of the second and fourth periods, the teams change goals, but the possession of the ball, the down, the relative spot of the down, and the distance to be gained, all remain the same as at the termination of the previous period. The teams do not change goals after a tryat-goal following a touchdown...
Page 117 - RULE 4.— (a) A Touchdown is made when the ball in possession of a player is declared dead by the Referee, any part of it being on. over, or behind the opponents
Page 120 - Before the ball is put in play no player shall lay his hands upon, or by the use of his hands or arms interfere with, an opponent in such a way as to delay putting the ball in play.

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