Geology of the County of Cape May, State of New Jersey

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Printed at the office of the True American, 1857 - Cape May County (N.J.) - 211 pages
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Page 166 - I saw there an infinite quantity of bustards, swans, geese and fowl, covering the shores, as within the like multitude of pigeons and store of turkeys, of which I tried one to weigh forty and six pounds. There is much variety and plenty of delicate fresh and sea fish and shellfish, and whales and grampus, elks, deere that bring three young at a time.
Page 170 - River ; thence down the said river to the sea ; thence along the sea- coast to Delaware Bay, and so up the said Bay to the place of beginning.
Page 193 - I think the cap was nevertheless an advantage to us, for it was the first thing that put our girls upon knitting worsted mittens for sale at Philadelphia, that they might have wherewithal to buy caps and ribbons there, and you know that that industry has continued, and is likely to continue and increase to a much greater value, and answer better purposes.
Page 191 - From Cohansey I went through the wilderness over Maurice's river, accompanied by James Daniel, through a miry, boggy way, in which we saw no house for about forty miles, except at the ferry, and that night we got to Richard Townsend's, at Cape May, where we were kindly received.
Page 38 - The shore in front of the boarding-houses at Cape Island must have worn away nearly a mile since the Revolution. During the war of that period, a militia artillery company had its practicing ground here. Their gun was placed near a house which stood just outside the present shore-line, and their target was set up at the outer side of a corn-field, threequarters of a mile east.
Page 146 - Report on the Fishes observed on the Coasts of New Jersey and Long Island during the summer of 1854. By Spencer F. Baird. Report for 1854, pp. 317—353. 1855. Baird. — Report to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution on the Fishes of the New Jersey Coast as observed in the summer of 1854.
Page 179 - In opposition to which, Mr. Jenkins stood up, and with the warmth and accent of a Welshman, said, " I believe the doctrines in question, as firmly as the promoters of that ill-designed bill ; but will never consent to oppose the opposers with law, or with any other weapon, save that of argument, &c.'.
Page 161 - ... large ship, for I wished to explore the coast distinctly. Sailed over to Cape May, where the coast began to trend east-northeast and west-southwest. Came, at evening, to the mouth of Egg harbour. Found between Cape May and Egg harbour, a slight sand-beach, full of small, low sandhills. Egg harbour is a little river or kill, and inside the land is broken, and within the bay are several small islands. Somewhat further up in the same direction, on a slight headland, is a beautiful high wood.
Page 193 - but you do not tell all the story. I think the cap was nevertheless an advantage to us, for it was the first thing that put our girls upon knitting worsted mittens for sale at Philadelphia, that they might have...
Page 186 - ... a horse hair, a hog's bristle, or a grain of mustard seed, if tendered, shall not escape my reward, being greatly desirous to encourage industry, as it is one of the most principal expedients under the favor of Heaven, that can revive our drooping circumstances at this time of uncommon, but great and general burden.

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